How do you pack all those things you have laying on the floor? There are many ways to deal with an untidy space. Storage boxes provide the best solution for those looking to get organised and make their homes look great. In this post, The Holding Company have shared some of their best storage ideas you should consider trying.

1. Organise the Kitchen

Put all your kitchen items in a neat storage container that can keep them safe until you need to use them again. The boxes should be placed where you can easily access your items without disorganising the space.

2. Keep The Magazines

There is nothing wrong about being an avid reader. But when you are done, you want to keep all the magazines in a container so that the house doesn’t look messy.

3. Keep The Toys

Your little ones will never keep their toys the right way, but with the storage containers, you can ensure that they are safely kept from sight when your kids don’t need them. Store the container in the kid’s room.

4. Get The Books Organized

If the bookshelf is fully packed, you can use the boxes to keep somewhere they won’t get spoilt. Make sure the boxes don’t have any moisture in them. It is vital to keep them that way to prevent mould from growing in the box. A set of home goods decorative boxes can help you store your books and keep your house beautiful and tidy.

5. Store Extra Clothes 

The boxes come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Use them to stash the seasonal clothes that you might not need at the moment. Use boxes that are spacious enough to contain all your clothes.

6. Seasonal Items

You only use glasses, hats, and scarfs in certain times of the year. Instead of letting them sit there and make the house messy, consider keeping them in storage boxes until you need to use them again.

7. Pack Your Footwear

As long as the boxes are kept clean and dry at all times, you could use them to keep your extra footwear safe. When doing this, don’t place the box on top of a concrete floor as moisture might sip in and spoil the shoes.

8. Keep Cooking Ingredients

If you are the type that shops in bulk, you don’t want things such as onions to get spoilt when not used for long. Keep them safe in dry storage containers, and they will stay long enough without going bad.

9. Keep Electronics

Do you have earphones, iPods, and phones you no longer use? At least make sure they are not all over the place. Get a small storage container and keep them there until you figure out what to do with them.

10. Keep Cosmetics

Understandably, these are items you might want to use quite often. However, to keep your space organised, through them in the storage containers and only remove them when it is time to enhance your appearance.

Final Thoughts

There are many types of storage boxes. Some of them are large, while some are small and easy to carry around. The good thing is that you can use the tips shared above to get creative with them.