Are you having an office space that is very small in size and so you are facing the constraints of small space? Don’t plan to change the office as it will be very much expensive for you.

You can try to make it properly organized in order to make it more spacious. Have a look at the below-given tips brought to you by Architectures Ideas that will help you to properly organize your small office building design and make it clean and spacious too.

1.Choose office furniture and arrange them wisely

Choose office furniture and arrange them wisely
When you are having tight spaces in your office then every inch matters and so you have to be careful in choosing and arranging the essential office furniture. It shouldn’t consume too much space. If you are unable to find the right size of the furniture for your needs in the furniture shop then get it custom made.

2.Must use vertical spaces

Must use vertical spaces
If you are choosing cabinets and storage units then you should think vertically and if needed, you can even reach to the ceilings. Such kind of storage space will help you in keeping the office tidy and organized and you will be able to accommodate more documents and materials than the usual office storage solutions. It will also create an illusion of a larger storage space.

3.Go paperless

Go paperless
You don’t have to keep all the documents in paper form, you can keep them securely in the cloud. It will also allow ease of accessibility. You will get more space in your office if you minimize the number of paper files.

4.Get rid of cables

Get rid of cables
You must choose wireless solutions whenever possible as it will make your office look more organized, bigger and tidier. If a wireless solution is not possible then organize those cables.

5.Use mirrors

Use mirrors
You might be wondering that why are we telling you to use the mirrors but the effect that mirrors make in your office is surprising. Mirrors will make the room appear bigger because of their reflection properties. They are also more decorative. Choose the mirror of the right size and fit in the right location.

6.Be minimalist with decor

Be minimalist with decor
Try to make the office space as inviting as possible but if you are having a smaller space then you must have a small number of decorations so that you don’t make the room cramped and untidy.


Remove everything that you are not needing in your office. Clutter is considered the absolute death for the small offices so organize the materials well. Decluttering all the unnecessary things will help you to make your office more spacious.

8.Use bright paint colors

Use bright paint colors
Using bright paint colors will help you to create the illusion of bigger space and it will also help to make the space brighter, motivating and energizing.

9.Don’t skimp on the lighting

Don’t skimp on the lighting
Good lighting is very much important for your office space. If there is some change in the lighting then it will shift the appearance of the small office space. For enhancing the place, you can use general lighting. If you are dealing with space that has no natural light coming then the artificial lighting is very much required. Don’t use floor lamps as they take very much space in the office.

10.Organize office supplies as per the use

Organize office supplies as per the use
At the time of organizing and storing office supplies, know how often you use them and don’t see where you use them. If you are using a stapler daily, then make sure you place it on the desk but if you use a scanner only three to four times a year then better keep it in the cabinet. The items that you are not using frequently shouldn’t be having any space on your desk.

So, these were important tips for managing a small office building design. Follow these tips out and we ensure you will have much-organized space in your office.

It won’t only help you to create more space in your office but it will also help you to achieve a functional and enjoyable office even if you are tight on space.