Moving to a new house can be one of the most indifferent times of your life. Indifferent because of the excitement, but at the same time you feel somewhat disturbed by the fact that you have to pack everything! You have to plan how your beloved furniture, cutlery, clothes, and electronics will get from one place to another, safely.

Packing up all your belongings and moving to a new home is usually a daunting task. Many people find that there are so many things to pack, and so little time to complete the job. For sure, it is normal to feel jittery when you see your stuff staring at you as if silently mocking you.
To help you avoid the ‘moving-stress,’ here are ten pointers shared by experts at AAA Movers Minneapolis.

1.Create a Moving To-do List

Create a Moving To-do List
Even before you start packing, sit down with a pen and paper to figure everything that you will need. Note down all the supplies that you require for the various things you own such as boxes, taping, packing paper, and markers among others. Remember that the more you prepare, the easier time you will have. Create a plan of action and write it down for reference when you feel stuck or forget something.

2.Order Supplies Right

The most important items you will need for packing are boxes. You should ensure that you order just enough or more boxes. Don’t underestimate your belongings and order a small number of boxes because this is one thing that will stress you during packing. Additionally, you ought to make sure that all the supplies arrive at your house well on time.

3.Get Rid of Belongings You Don’t Need

Parking and moving is also a time to reflect on what you really need. Over time, your family may have stored items that are no longer useful in your old house. So, eliminate all unnecessary and unused stuff so that you have less to pack up and transport across town. You can resell, donate or trash everything that you will not use in your new house.

4.Sort the Stuff You Need

Sort the Stuff You Need
As you pack up your items, box them according to specific categories. This organization process will help you keep track of everything. Put your books together and sort them out. Do the same with clothes, cutlery, shoes etc. Parking is in a way an artform, and you just can’t throw things anywhere you like.

5.The Art of ‘Boxing’

The Art of ‘Boxing’
After arranging your belongings according to size, fragility, and category, you will need to put them in the boxes. You should label all your boxes as per the contents and put the heavier items in smaller boxes. A small box enables you to carry a heavy load easily. Remember to pack according to rooms so that it will be easier to unpack, which is another heavy task.

6.Employ Professional Moving Service

Employ Professional Moving Service
Here is where you should be extra careful. The market has numerous organizations and individuals who claim to be the best moving company in town, something that is far from the truth. Do thorough research to avoid some cheap guy in van ruining your entire moving experience. Before settling on a moving service, double-check to ensure that it is a real company. You can also check out reviews from their previous clients to ascertain quality.

7.Park Early

Park Early
Some people tend to leave the packing job to their moving company service, which is quite risky. It is vital to pack all your stuff before the moving team shows up. Do otherwise and you might end up with lost/ broken items. More importantly, packing things early and bit by bit eliminates the stress of going everything at the last minute. Here are more perks of packing early.

8.Protect Your Most Cherished Belongings

Make sure to put all your money, important documents, medicine, jewellery, and any other personal item in your handbag or backpack. It is vital to keep such belongings with you throughout the moving time for easier tracking. You also ought to have a personal bag for your laptop, toiletries, water bottle, makeup, etc.

9.Load Everything Nicely

When it comes to loading your items in the truck, make sure to prepare your moving company before-hand. Figure out the easiest way to your old /new home and let the moving company know before its team arrives. Ensure that the team move heavy goods like furniture first, followed by the rest. It is also best to ensure that the boxes placed last in the truck have the belongings that you will unpack first.

10.Schedule Disconnect Times

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One of the most stressful parts about moving can sometimes have everything to do with utilities. For example electricity, gas, cable, and internet. To avoid the last minute rush, inform all your utility companies about your moving out so that they can facilitate your disconnect times. Make sure that you gather important documents and tools for your utilities. You should have all your cable boxes, remotes, cords, and billing information before the day of moving.

Moving to a new home is an exciting endeavour that families cherish. It is because a new house is a new beginning that comes with so much joy and hope. Even so, it is not a surprise to see people experiencing their worst days when the time comes to move. Lack of adequate planning is the major cause of stress when packing and moving. To have an easy time, employ the tips mentioned above.