To turn your ordinary bed into a luxurious hotel-like bed, you need to have a high-quality mattress, bedsheets, warm lighting, and plenty of pillows

When you return home after a long tiring day, it is obvious that you will lie down in your bed to remove the tiredness of your body.

To enjoy heavenly bliss as you lay on the bed, you need to make it comfortable, just like a hotel bed. Hotels make their bed extremely comfortable so that visitors enjoy their time and have a good opinion about the hotel.

But with the steps listed below, you can turn your average run-of-the-mill bed into a super comfortable hotel-like bed.

1. Have A High-Quality Mattress

The mattress is a major part of the bed. So having a comfortable mattress is an absolute must if you want to get the hotel-like quality in your bed.

But there is a catch. Most hotels buy mattresses from specific companies, so these mattresses are difficult to find in the market. Even if you can get your hand on one of these hotel-quality mattresses, they will cost you a hefty amount.

So make sure your pockets are full before buying a hotel-like mattress.

2. Get Comfortable Bed Sheets

What could be a comfortable bed sheet, you ask? The comfort of a bedsheet depends on its thread count. The higher the thread count, the more comfortable it is. The higher thread count makes the bedsheet soft and silky while giving it a smooth texture.

Most hotels use bed sheets that have a thread count of 300-600 or higher. So, if you want to have a bed as comfortable as a hotel, get your hands on a bedsheet with similar thread counts. One perfect choice would be the blush sheets.

3. Warm Lighting

You will observe that most of the hotel bedrooms do not have extremely bright lights. This is because bright lights prevent our body from producing melatonin, which helps us to sleep. So, almost all hotels have dimmer and warmer lights.

To make sure that your bedroom also has a soothing and comfortable environment, switch your bright lights with something warm. This will help you to have a sound sleep.

4. A Fluffy Floor Mat

Not directly a part of the bed, but a floor mat can also increase the comfort factor of the bed. Most hotels have three fluffy floor mats or rugs on each side of the bed.

The fuzzy fluffy mats near the bed give off a warm and cozy feeling. Generally, sheep wool mats are the perfect choice for a comfortable floor mat.

5. Place As Many Pillows As Possible

Sinking your head into a soft comfortable pillow has to be the most relaxing feeling on this planet, right? But what is better than one comfortable pillow? A lot of comfortable pillows! You can place these pillows around your body, or hug the pillows as you sleep.

But as you are buying pillows, be sure to get some goose feathers and some fiberfill pillows. So you can use whichever one you feel like.

6. Have Multiple Layers

Multiple layers mean adding extra bedding materials on top of your mattress to make it feel more comfortable. You can add comforters and duvets on top of your mattress as bedding. You can also add a layer of feather bed on your mattress to make the bed even softer. However, make sure that the duvet is a breathable cotton one.

7. Choose The Color White

Yes, the color of your bed sheet and pillows does matter. The white color has a sense of pristine and luxury that other colors do not give. So if you want your bedroom to look like a ball of cloud, white themed bed sheets and pillows should be your top priority.

8. Have Bed Skirts To Increase Aesthetics

Bed skirts can be a great way to increase the aesthetics of your bed. But they do more than just increase the aesthetics, They can also hide the bed legs and space under the bed. This will give your bed a neat and complete look by transforming the whole appearance of the bed.

9. Have A Modern Nightstand

The nightstand might not directly influence how comfortable your bed is, but it can impact your sleep and give the bedroom a more hotel-like appearance.

Almost all hotels have a modern bedside table that has an alarm clock and other bedtime essentials. A very modern addition to the accessories is a wireless speaker. You can connect your mobile device to these wireless speakers and listen to some soothing music as you sleep, or even listen to audiobooks, whichever you prefer.

10. Clean The Bed Regularly

And last but not least, clean the bed regularly. The hotels put a huge emphasis on a clean bed more than anything. A clean bed appears fresh, smooth, and soft.

Just looking at the bedsheets of a clean, smooth bed is enough to make the stiff muscles of your body loose. Make your bed every day after waking up so that you can return to a well-prepared bed to lie on.

Wash the bedsheets and pillow covers at least two to three times a week. If there are any spots on the bedsheets, you can apply bleach. This is why it is better to have white bed sheets and pillow covers.

Final Thoughts

A sound sleep is very essential for the proper functioning of the human body. So without sound sleep, your day will go gloomy. And what better way to get a sound sleep than on the most comfortable bed. By following the guidance of this article, you will be able to create a super comfortable bed that has all the qualities of a hotel bed.