Marketing trends are changing constantly to keep up with advancing modern technology. There are several factors that have an impact on the way businesses present themselves, one of the most obvious ones being that businesses have had to adapt to a new way of working due to the pandemic. Not being able to network face to face has resulted in businesses heavily relying on digital marketing to help them stay relevant with their customer base. 

Whether you’re used to using physical marketing materials such as printed cotton bags or patches to promote your business at events and spread the word, or you’re looking for ways to expand your business in a virtual way online – here are 10 of the top trends for 2022 that can influence your marketing plan.

  • Personalisation 

One of the top trends that will have an influence on your marketing this year is personalisation. A lot of us will have experienced personalisation as customers, and you can use this within your business as a way of standing out and improving the customer experience.

 Personalisation means businesses and brands use data collected from their customers to display information or products that are relevant to each individual person. It is a great way of staying relevant and using this type of tailored approach means that you’re making your customer’s life easier, by showing them options that are suitable for them. Ease is key when it comes to browsing online, so personalisation can be advantageous for both customers and businesses. 

  • Mobile and in-app communication 

The use of smartphones and apps to communicate has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, and it’s set to continue. As a result of this, they’re becoming the heart of marketing for a lot of businesses. More companies will be trying to get in touch with customers via text or email, with a product or service that they believe could be relevant to them. Utilising mobile communication could have a positive impact on businesses and can help to broaden overall reach. 

  • Events

With in-person events being off the table over the last few years, businesses are set to adapt the way they network in the future. Hybrid events are looking more likely, which means that although restrictions have been lifted and we try to return to normal, a lot of in-person events will rely heavily on digital aspects, giving customers the chance to access them digitally as well as attend in person. Remote, online events are becoming popular in marketing, giving a huge number of customers the chance to attend, no matter where they are in the world, with ease. 

  • Content 

Technology is constantly advancing, and it is important in marketing that content can keep up with the change. A lot of businesses will already have SEO techniques in place but making sure that they are up to date with the current best practices is important. In the next few years, businesses should look at making adaptations to accommodate for voice searches, as well as making sure they’re producing a range of original content that can keep their target audience engaged. 

  • Brand image 

Working on brand image is important for any business that is looking to succeed. Businesses that are looking to create a strong brand image should look at how they are communicating with their customers, and work on a strategy that provides long-term value to the audience. Not only is this a great way of providing information to your customers, but it also increases engagement and retention. It means that you can reach your target audience with ease, and appeal to customers with the same values as your company. 

  • Storytelling 

When it comes to content, storytelling is essential. If you’re looking for ways to improve your marketing, this is where to start. Times are changing, which means it’s no longer beneficial to describe everything great about your product or service – storytelling allows you to connect with the customer by letting them know how your product can solve a specific problem. Choosing this approach allows your customers to relate to the issue and want to try the product out themselves. 

  • Simplicity

Keeping it simple is key. There is a massive amount of content when it comes to marketing online, which is making it increasingly difficult to produce engaging posts – because of this, it is important that you provide clear and informative posts, and if you can include a unique point or twist even better! Instead of businesses churning out post upon post of the same content, focus on producing informative and interactive content, like a blog post or quiz. This is a great way to build trust within a target audience too.  

  • Chatbots 

The use of chatbots online is becoming increasingly popular and is set to continue as the year goes on. We’ll all have experienced a bot that pops up when you log onto a website, to ask if you need help or if you have a specific query. These chatbots are great for improving the overall customer experience, can be used to take payments, search websites, and can even be multi-lingual, so businesses can broaden their reach. 

  • VR and AR Technology 

One of the most modern and up-to-date technologies that you could include in your marketing strategy is virtual reality and augmented reality. Both are set to be huge in marketing in the next couple of years, with businesses like interior design companies using this to show customers what a room would look like as a certain colour or with certain pieces of furniture. Businesses can get ahead start on this trend by choosing to explore VR and AR technology in their marketing strategy. 

  • Reviews 

We all know how important reviews are if we’re thinking of buying a product or service. Reading about the experiences of others can influence the way we buy – which is why marketing is going to be based more on this in the coming months and years. Not only does feedback help businesses to find out what they could be doing to improve, but good reviews can also mean new customers. This is why influencer marketing is so popular with businesses these days. If an influencer reviews a product positively, their huge reach means more customers for the brand.