Home cleaning is not an enjoyable task to most. Unfortunately, we haven’t crossed the revolutionary era to make cleaning robots accessible to every home. So, who else has to do the dirty work but you and, if you’re lucky, your cleaning assistant? 

When it comes to household chores, especially home cleaning, it’s not uncommon to hear complaints about having too much to do in so little time. Here are some of the expert-recommended cleaning hacks that can make your home spic and span, pronto! 

1. Be systematic

Who would’ve known that cleaning involves planning, too? Technically, anything that needs efficiency takes analysis and careful planning. In cutting your time spent on scrubbing, washing, sweeping, mopping or vacuuming, always be on alert about the things, you can do to cut your cleaning time.   

For instance, you can perform decluttering first before getting to business. In this way, you won’t be bogged down by the need to remove the magazines, shoes and other old stuff that’s littering around the house.   

2. Multi-tasking helps

There’s no better way to cut your cleaning time by performing tasks that can be done simultaneously. For instance, you can clean the window blind as you wipe the dirt off your walls.  

3. Know how to prioritize 

What is your idea of clean? Is it a sparking and fresh-smelling toilet? Is it a flawless bedroom or an immaculate kitchen? Take a look around the house and see which section needs the most cleaning effort. In most cases, it’ll either be the bathroom or the kitchen. So, start form there, and go on to perform lighter cleaning tasks. 

If you’re extremely pressed for time or are too exhausted to clean yourself, ask for professional help from companies like Texas Xtreme Clean. 

4. Invest in a cleaning tool belt bag   

One of the ways to clean your home efficiently is to have all the cleaning products you need in one place. You can either place them in one bucket or have them properly held by a belt bag that you can wear. Having all the products will cut the time spent looking for them and getting them in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. It also means you can apply the appropriate product for every cleaning problem there, whether stains, grime, writing on the wall, or marks on your mirror.

5. Place a few buckets in each cleaning area or skip it

Ask anyone who cleans that house, and you’re likely going to have the same answer: running to get and prepare a cleaning solution in a bucket is one of the more time-consuming steps to cleaning the bathroom. 

What you can do is to place multiple buckets filled with  natural and homemade cleaners in the bathroom or kitchen, or in any place with surfaces you need to wet for a more efficient cleaning action. A wet cloth soaked in a cleaning solution is supposed to be effective for when your children decide to make your walls a drawing canvass. 

If you find this method messy, have a spray bottle filled with cleaning solution and a microfiber mop or towel.    

6. Make your own cleaning solution

If you just realized that you’re out of a cleaning solution, don’t let it spoil your chances of getting your home sparkly clean. Make your own cleaning solution depending on your needs. 

For instance, you can mix vinegar and water, or water ad baking soda to clean your toilet. If you’re out of glass cleaner, make an organic one by mixing equal parts of water, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of essential oil like peppermint. You’ll not only end up with a shiny but also a fresh- smelling mirror. 

7. Clean the toilet daily    

Let’s face it. Your toilet is perhaps the easiest to get dirty and the hardest to clean, right? You can make bathroom cleaning less laborious and time-consuming if you clean it little by little on a daily basis.  

8. Interesting ways to clean the toilet

Don’t skip your cleaning duties for the next week and clean your toilet now with their weird yet effective toilet polishing items. If you hadn’t known yet; drinks with high citric acid can be used as an alternative to harsh toilet cleaning agents.

A famous powdered juice drink or a soda can be poured into your toilet before you go to bed in the evening. The next morning, you may not flush the toilet and see how it’s become cleaner. That means you’ll do less scrubbing in the future.     

9. Clean the tub properly with alcohol

Taking an alcoholic drink may not be in your best interest. But getting a few sips for celebrating a successful home cleaning activity won’t hurt you.  Either way, a few sprays of vodka may help prevent Mould and mildew from wreaking havoc to your bathroom. When a tough-to-remove grime has formed in your bathroom, turn to the high alcohol content of vodka to make your work easier. Spray the drink on the problematic area, let sit for a few minutes, and scrub ore easily.      

10. Dish soap is a great cleaning agent, too

If you’d rather use chemicals on your bathroom walls and tiled floors, you’re welcome to use a liquid dishwashing soap. All you have to do is mix it with water and you’ll get an effective stain and grime remover for your bathroom, kitchen and living room or bedroom walls.   

11. Learn how to vacuum properly

This is one household chore that’s quite easy to do, your kids may even want to do it to help you out. However, like cleaning your home, there’s a proper way to use the vacuum to ensure that you don’t miss a spot. According to cleaning experts, vacuuming should be done slowly to ensure that all the dust particles are picked up. You can first vacuum the place horizontally and then vertically instead of going for only one stroke.   

Other non-traditional cleaning materials

  • Pillowcase-this can be used to systematically clean your ceiling fans and keep the dust from falling on the floor, the table, or your bed.
  • Microfiber towels and tongs- to clean your blinds easily, put two towels and sandwich them around each blind partition. Put them in position by placing tongs and wipe each slat.  
  • Paintbrush-this has a multitude of uses, from getting rid of dust in narrow spaces to large stuff like furniture. If you use a wide-angled brush, you won’t have to move heavy chairs and tables, leaving the dust for your vacuum to suck out.  

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your home can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, you can make it more enjoyable by cutting your effort with these genius cleaning hacks. Embarking on more systematic cleaning procedures can prevent you from getting drained and losing time for yourself and your family.