Summer season is just around the corner. And what better way to get ready for the sunny weather by giving your backyard an upgrade for the coming season. Don’t fret, though, because an outdoor makeover doesn’t always equate to expensive refurbishing.

Often, some do-it-yourself projects, proper yard lighting, and outdoor pieces of furniture will produce your ideal relaxing space. To help you with this task, consider the following steps in upgrading your backyard for the summer: 

1. Install a Patio or Porch

If you’re wondering how to reinvent your outdoor space, bear in mind that charming yards have specific areas. Begin your project by providing your backyard with a comfortable place to sit. A porch, patio, or deck offers an excellent spot for you to bask in the pleasant summer weather. Moreover, if you’re planning to relocate and sell your house in the future, these types of additions may give you a significant return on investment.

2. Place Some Outdoor Furniture

Next, when you already have your seating area, it’s time to place some quality outdoor furniture. Before buying your pieces of furniture, weigh in the climate in your region first since this factor can impact the upholstery and life span of the material. For example, if you reside in a windy area, you may want to avoid purchasing aluminum pieces since they’re lightweight and may not endure this condition.  

On the one hand, refrain from buying wicker pieces if you live in a place with steady moisture because the environment can quickly rot and deteriorate the furnishings. Additionally, dry and warm weather can break and crack wood pieces. If you want to browse high-quality selections, you may check out items like Neighbor’s outdoor Furniture.

3. Build a Tree Bench

Do you have a massive tree in your yard? Another outdoor makeover you can do is build a tree bench. For this project, you’ll need wood pallets, a saw, and protective eye gear. When you complete the bench, apply paint with your favorite shade and position some comfortable pillows to transform the space as your relaxing reading area.

4. Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting

Besides placing some furniture and installing patios, enhancing your outdoor lighting is another way to update your yard. You can creatively set up LED lighting along your pathways to increase the visibility of steps. Likewise, consider installing adjustable lights if you have a landscape section you want to brighten up. Lanterns and torches are also beautiful additions to your patio if you like soft lighting.  

5. Cultivate Flowers and Crops

Meanwhile, cultivating various crops and flowers can also be another method you can take to improve your outdoor area. Growing flowers such as sunflowers, marigolds, pansies, and zinnia will surely convert your backyard into a colorful sanctuary. 

On the other hand, implementing a crop and herb garden will not only bring life to your yard, but will also help reduce your grocery budget. You can begin with simple spices like basil, mint, oregano, and chives. Once you feel confident with your gardening skills, consider cultivating carrots, tomatoes, collard greens, and beets.  

6. Provide a Pathway or Stone Path

Alternately, providing a stone path or pathway is a project that can take some sweat and effort but at the same time can be fun. There are a variety of edging materials and stone designs you can select from. Right now, pebbled paths or gravel are two of the most popular concepts. If you’re a fan of a zen garden, choosing a stone path design can give your outdoor area a Japanese vibe. 

7. Construct a Fire Pit

One of the classic structures you can add to your outdoor space is a fire pit. While you can simply purchase fire pits from your local store, building one by yourself or with the help of your kids can be a rewarding project. Moreover, whether the night is warm or chilly, a fire pit is perfect for s’mores night with the kids.  

8. Install a Wood-Fired Oven

Are you planning a cookout with family and friends in your yard? Sometimes cooking many foods in the kitchen can lead to a lot of grease and smoke smudges on your wall. Or, worse scenario setting off your smoke detector in the kitchen. One excellent way to avoid this situation during outdoor cookouts is to install a wood-fired oven in your backyard.   

9. Create an Outdoor Bar

What is a cookout without some entertainment and drinks? To guarantee everyone will have a fabulous time, consider positioning an outdoor television, built-in cooler, and a grill on your deck to create your outdoor bar. 

10. Add a Water Feature

Indeed, while some people prefer grills, ovens, and chillers for their yard, some favor hearing the soothing sounds of a water feature. There are various water feature designs you can choose from, and you can opt to build it on your own or ask the help of a professional. You can pick from simple fish ponds or an intricate water fountain.

11. Update Your Fence

Lastly, if you have outdated fences in your yard, understand that they can become nesting grounds of pests and other harmful organisms. For instance, Molds can feed on the wood and, as a result, jeopardize its durability and stability. Similarly, fungi present in wood rot can cause allergies and asthma, aside from making your structure unsightly. 

In addition to these, there are likewise issues such as bug problems, termite infestation, and carpenter bee issues. Remember, you need to solve these matters first before replacing and updating your fence. 

If not, the microorganisms and pests will disseminate, plus damage your new fence again. Furthermore, if you see rusty hinges, replace those as well since old connectors may break down when installed with new wood panels.   

Final Thoughts

In either case, whether the reason you’re upgrading your backyard is to build a relaxing area for summer or increase the curb appeal of your home, remember that there are affordable ways to refurbish the space without breaking your budget. However, if you’re looking to sell your home in the future, consider hiring a landscape designer to ensure your yard will appear professionally designed.