The most used area in your house is probably your kitchen. That’s why many homeowners love to do remodeling projects on their kitchen as much as they can. The kitchen is also considered as the heart of the house because where meals are prepared, created, and the place where you and your family gathers. Even if some claim life is made in the bedroom, it certainly is lived in the kitchen.  

That’s why, kitchen remodeling has been one of the most exciting things a homeowner can do for his house every once in a while. As a homeowner, you want to make sure your kitchen is a space you’d enjoy spending more time cooking and eating. Most importantly, you would want to ensure your kitchen doesn’t only look good but also functions well for all your kitchen needs.  

One kitchen design people love to do is modern. For those who aren’t familiar with modern design, it’s not about cold and dark atmosphere. Modern design is about creating functional, open, clean, calming spaces with more room for style and character.  

So, to help you get started with remodeling your kitchen into modern-looking, this article highlighted twelve remodeling ideas below to help exemplify an innovative and sleek kitchen design.  

01. Add A Pop Of Color

Perhaps you already know white equals a brighter atmosphere. So, why not use white and just keep everything white? Kitchen cabinets will be white, light fixtures, and of course, choose the whitest option available for your countertops. For example. it may be best to use granite for your countertops. Aside from being abundantly available in white color, one benefit of using granite countertops homeowners would love to enjoy is they’re a lot easier to maintain. Thus, you’ll have no problem cleaning your white granite countertops anytime.

But that’s not over yet. After you’ve swapped everything for white, it’s time to choose one color that would pop out from all the whites. For instance, you can use red plates, red vases, or red pots. The pops of red will have an easy time standing out from the all-white kitchen design you have.   

02. Use Mirror Surfaces

If you adore shiny things, then maybe it’s time for you to try out shiny stainless steel as your modern kitchen staple. Make sure you go for those high-shine steels that would almost like mirrored islands. These mirroring surfaces would definitely look glamorous in your new modern kitchen. So, add a playful element to your kitchen remodel by going metallic.   

03. Tuck Them Away

What’s a modern design kitchen if it couldn’t work in a small space? Thankfully, a tuck-away design is possible and available! If you have a small-spaced kitchen, you can use folding wood pocket doors to tuck and conceal the entire cabinet and counter area against the wall. This design would definitely be a game-changer for homeowners out there who is looking for a functional and sleek design for their small kitchen. 

04. Use One Color With Different Tones

In remodeling your kitchen, you can play with colors to exude a modern look. For instance, if you’re into blue and want your current kitchen to be blue, sign yourself up for a tile game and use tiles with the colors blue, navy, cobalt, and gray tones. Once you put them all together, you get to have a modern blue kitchen created from different shades of blue. 

05. Add An Extra Sink

If you have a spacious kitchen area and still wondering what to do with the extra space, you can add an extra sink instead. This extra sink can be used as your spot whenever you arrange flowers or do something else apart from washing the dishes. You can create extra storage below the extra sink as the keeping area for tools. Do this by hanging pleated curtains.  

06. Cover Everything In Tiles

If you’re into some extra tiles today, why not completely cover your kitchen with glossy tiles? This will definitely create a striking modern look and might have a fine line between modern and retro. A bonus, tiles are relatively easier to clean, which is the best solution for homeowners who don’t have plenty of time to clean their kitchen every after a meal. 

07. Try With An Accent Wall 

When your kitchen space is limited, you might need to be more creative and find a way to add a fancy flair in your area without compromising any more space. As a solution, you can try an accent wall by choosing a color accent to stand out. For instance, if you’re currently all-white, you can add a powder blue paint on the wall and one hanged sculpture of your choice (preferably something modern too).  

08. Paint Your Interior Cabinets

Another way to add accent into your one-colored modern kitchen is by painting your interior cabinets. For instance, painting your interior cabinets in inky marine blue will make your kitchen feel more formal than painting it with light colors. It might also be best to paint your cabinets with a color that goes with another accent piece in the kitchen. 

09. Add A Kitchen Serving Window

If you add a serving window in your kitchen, it will make your space feel more open and airier. Imagine, while you’re cooking and preparing meals, the fresh wind can easily go in and out of your kitchen, making you think and feel like life is easier and fresher. Moreover, a serving window will connect your kitchen to your deck space or backyard and promote the perks of outdoor living. This may be best for homeowners who live in a warm place and are fond of hosting al fresco dinners. 

10. Go For Gold

For a modern gold look, you can use metallic with a brush of gold and let your kitchen interiors pop. You can incorporate gold metallic finishes to your cabinets and match them with down-to-earth materials such as jute to balance out your kitchen and not appear too flashy. 

11. The Classic Black And White

Who would forget the classic black and white for a modern-look kitchen? You can remodel your kitchen into a black and white marble, and pair it with black stools, cabinets, and incorporate white throw pillows for accent.   

12. Go Minimal

Modernize your kitchen by keeping it minimal with a white kitchen countertop, wood stools, and accented with hanging colored light fixtures. Make sure to tuck everything away to maintain the minimal atmosphere.  

Wrapping Up!

These twelve remodeling points are only ideas to help you get started and serve as your baseline. Make sure you got everything you need for a perfect modern kitchen remodel. If you have more adventurous and unique ideas in your mind, try them out, and maybe you can create your own modern look for your kitchen.