Whether you’re moving out of home or refurbishing your current house, it is likely that you’re looking for the easiest and most cost-effective furniture shopping experience. With 1825 Interiors’ detailed and simple-to-use website, you can achieve both these things all from the comfort of your own home.

With these 21 tips, you will have confidence in knowing what you buy online is not only inexpensive but of quality and will fulfil your design hopes and dreams!

1.Read the About Page

The ‘About’ page will give you an understanding of the furniture and accessories the store is selling and if these will match your style and the level of practicality you want in your interior.

2.Read Store Reviews

Store reviews can give you hints as to whether the website is a scam or legitimate. They can also indicate if other customers have been happy with the products and their quality.

3.Return Policy

Read all return policies to check if they are legal. You also want to be sure that if, for any reason, you need to return products, that you are able to do so.

4.Shipping Costs

If you need to ship your purchases, firstly check if shipping is an option, then see if the costs fit within your budget.

5.Does the Store Match Your Style?

Have a browse through the website. Check their Facebook and Instagram and see if they have your style in store. If they don’t sell furniture in your desired style, best to try another store.

6.Is There Variety in Their Products?

You deserve to shop somewhere that allows you to be versatile in your shopping and gives you opportunity to mix and match furniture.

7.Examine Their Photos

Look at the photos closely. A website’s images can be indicators of scale and colour as well as the description. This will give you a better idea of what the product will look like in your own home.

8.Read Product Descriptions

Anything from material type to measurements will be listed in the description. You need these details to plan and pre-design your home before you buy and receive your furniture.

9.Check Furniture Measurements

Once you know the furniture measurements, you can scale it out in your own home to have a rough understand of what it will look like and how it will fit.

10.Read Product Reviews

Buying Furniture
Product reviews give an indication of quality and how accurate descriptions are. Prices Across Stores

If you know what you’re buying, do research and discover your options. If you can find a store that sells quality at a reasonable price, you have hit the jackpot.

12.Look for Sales

There is always at least one store that has sales going on. Sales are a great way to save money and enable you to buy more and still manage while staying within your budget.

13.Check Delivery Details

Will the delivery fit into your desired time-frame? Do you need to be present during the delivery? Do you need to pick up the furniture yourself? Ask yourself these questions while looking through the delivery details.

14.Determine Your Budget

Furniture can be expensive. Set a budget and work towards staying within it.

15.Plan and Visualise your Living Space

Know what you’re setting out to buy when you begin shopping to minimise wastage of both money and space.

16.Measure Your Home

You must know if what you’re buying will fit in your house and where you want to put it.

17.Is There a Pick Up Option?

If you live far away, a pick-up option is great as it means you still have a chance to shop from the store even if you’re not liable for delivery.

18.Measure Again

You will regret it if you don’t ensure your measurements are exactly correct and end up with a couch that is too big for your living room.

19.Are They Easily Contactable?

Furniture Online
Have questions that need to be answered? Make sure the store you buy your furniture from is easily contactable to answer any queries or concerns.

20.What are the Payment Options?

You may have a prefered payment method. Whether it’s through VISA or Zip, you should be allowed to opportunity to pay how you want to.

21.Do They Have What You’re Looking For?

Only shop at a store that will satisfy all your needs and wants.