If you want to increase your home’s value, making your yard the best on the block is a good place to start. As far as home updates go, basic yard updates are low-stakes projects.

By starting without big, permanent fixtures, you can replace grass, move ground cover, plants, and rocks around, reshape dirt, and do other little tweaks over time. For help taking your yard to the next level, hiring a lawn care company is a must.

Take a look at these factors to consider while comparing lawn services.

1. Know What You Want

Before you start looking at different lawn services, decide what you want. Not all lawn care companies offer the same services: Some focus on basic maintenance, while others do intensive landscaping.

If you’re looking for someone to mow and reseed your lawn, don’t focus on companies that prioritize landscaping and gardening. They may do a great job with your lawn, but chances are good that they’ll charge more.

Another way to lose money by not knowing what you want is starting and scrapping project after project. Spend time alone in the proverbial sandbox before getting in touch with a lawn care provider. You can use digital tools to plan and show the pros what you’re thinking of.

Many services have yard maintenance and landscaping portfolios on their websites. They’ll help you decide if they’re the lawn care experience you need.

2. Find a Local Lawn Care Company

When shopping for lawn care services, make sure to find companies that serve your area. Customers in the Austin area can click here for help, but someone in California can’t use the same service. It’s easier than you may think to get lost between all of the great options online and forget to check service areas.

Don’t waste your time: Make sure anyone you contact will come to your property and read local reviews to learn the best lawn services near you.

3. Shop Around for the Best Price

Plenty of yard care providers offer great service at reasonable prices while others operate with dollar signs in their eyes. Online customer reviews show whether companies put your best interests or profit first.

Still, don’t take all lawn service reviews at face value. Unless they show pictures, you can’t be certain how those clients’ projects compare to yours—or even if they’re real people, with all the bots and fake reviewers out there.

Look at different providers’ websites, call them up, and get free consultations. Ask direct, specific questions about pricing and have a cost in hand before you begin. Nobody wants a half-finished yard due to expenses they didn’t expect.

Wow Neighbors and Loved Ones With an Impressive Home

These tips on choosing a lawn care company will ensure you get your money’s worth when refreshing curb appeal. Quality lawn care increases your home’s value and makes a strong impression on neighbors and loved ones.

If you want more trustworthy tips on how to wow people with your home, you’re in the right place to learn. Click on another article to boost your home, outdoor, and lifestyle know-how today.