While our appliances provide comfort to our home, there are times when they falter in quality. This can be dangerous if it’s your furnace, as it can cause potential fire hazards or no even heat throughout your home. Fortunately, we’ve created this guide to help you get the best out of your furnace and repair its everyday problems.

Clogged Filter

A furnace that’s having issues producing heat is different than one that stops working altogether. First, you need to check if the air filter is in good condition and is clean. By checking the filter, you’ll be able to diagnose most problems within your furnace.

Replacing the furnace filter is a quick and straightforward task, and can go a long way in improving your air quality and HVAC components.
Clogged Filter

  • Locate the Filter – Most likely; you’ll find the filter inside the furnace’s intake. This will look like a grate in the wall, floor, or ceiling. Other filters are placed in the furnace itself.
  • Check your Filter – You can tell if the filter needs to be replaced by holding it to the light. If you see no light, then its time to replace it. A dirty, dusty smell from the vents is another reason why you should change the furnace filter.
  • Replace the Filter – Turn the filter off before replacing it. No air should be released from the furnace or the filter. Check the filter point’s direction. Filters are designed to trap the matter in one direction.

Cleaning out the filters will improve the air circulation through the vents. When the filter is clogged, the air handler must exert more energy to compensate for the airflow blockage. In addition to increasing your utility bill, this reduced airflow through your home’s heating and cooling system will cause the heat exchanger to shut off fast and overheat.

Safety Switch

If your furnace is not working, try checking out the furnace door’s safety switch. The safety switch prevents the burner and fan from turning once you remove the access panel. Furnaces tend to have safety switches that can pop out once the door is removed.

  • Turn the power off
  • Prepare the blower door
  • Make sure the safety switch is wired correctly
  • Inspect and test out the installation.

Clean the Area Around Your Furnace

Clean the Area Around Your Furnace
Your basement can become cluttered, which can lead to your area near the furnace becoming filled with debris and miscellaneous possessions. Not only will this make your furnace perform better, but look better as well.

Avoid placing flammable materials or substances near the furnace. This will prevent the chance of an unexpected fire and damage to your home. While it might be convenient to store your equipment in the shed “for the summer,” chances are you’ll be neglecting any items that you’ve left near or on the furnace. Don’t take risks and give your furnace the time it needs to run safely.


Since the furnace is your most valuable appliance, its time that you treat it as such. You’ll need furnace repair in toronto for quick appliance repair. By getting your furnace fixed, you’ll increase the chances of providing enough heat to keep you and your family warm.