If you want a good deal on your house, it is important that you get a good realtor. And that doesn’t mean having a realtor that shows up in a thousand-dollar suit with a fancy business card – these things are only to fool you.

What we mean by having a good realtor is someone who has all the characteristics in their personality that your instincts demand, such as the required experience, knowledge, and ability to make the outcome of this sale best for you. 

To make it easy for you, we have compiled the list of 5 characters to look for in a real estate agent while selling your house. 

1. Knowledge about the industry

A basic requirement of being a qualified realtor is having extensive knowledge about the current and predicted market. Your realtor should be completely familiar with how the market works, what real estate laws they have to follow, and what can be the best possible outcome for you – they shouldn’t agree with whatever you say just because you are their client.

Having full knowledge is essential for a realtor, so we know that they would miss out on no details when listing homes for sale

To avoid being fooled by an agent, it is crucial that you check their portfolio extensively and check their references before you shake hands with them. Don’t hesitate to ask every detail about their career. It is their job to eliminate all your doubts.

Making real estate deal, handshake with agent

2. Problem-solving mindset

Coming up with solutions for problems is one of the most creative qualities. It shows that you have the leadership and experience that one looks for. A good realtor shouldn’t be able to just give in if a problem arises, they should know how to properly make your house displayable to make the most cash out of it.

It is their job to design the most attractive listing for your house to attract buyers who would be willing to pay the full amount. 

If they give up too easily when you tell them about your problem, you probably don’t want them as your realtor. You need someone who can solve the problem or make it presentable without lying.

3. Values the relationship more than the sale

If a realtor is in it just for their commission and not for the satisfaction of their clients, they are not doing a good job. A quality realtor always values the relationship with their clients more than the sale. An agent can only be satisfied if they leave their customers satisfied.

And for customer satisfaction, it is important to put the relationship above the sale. An agent should be able to support you and be happy for you instead of just hurrying up the sale.

4. Good communication

One of the core qualities of real estate agents is their ability to communicate in the perfect way possible. When it takes too long for the client to hear back from the realtor, they start believing that the realtor is not prioritizing this job, which can be really bad for a client-realtor relationship.

Losing touch with the client is never good for any type of field job. 

When the communication is strong, detailed, and updated, both sellers and buyers both feel confident about their asset’s worth. They know they are in good hands.  

5. Transparency and integrity

When you are dealing with a realtor, you should not feel like you are being manipulated to make a sale or the buyer is being manipulated to buy the house. It should be a completely honest relationship, and a good realtor makes a relationship that way by being 100% transparent with you.

A realtor’s main duty is to their client only, however, a satisfactory deal only occurs when the realtor is transparent with other parties as well. If the realtor is not showing integrity to other parties, you might think that it’s good for you, but it is highly likely that they are not being completely honest with you as well because both parties are the clients of the realtor and they owe honesty to them.

All the material information should be valid and all the communication should be truthful with all the parties. It is also good for the post-sale relationship between the realtor and the clients.

Final Words

You need to be hundred percent sure that your house is going to be in reliable hands before you give them a key. A good realtor is the only difference between a good sale and a failure. So, choose your realtor wisely.