When you are decorating, you are considering the things that work and don’t work. Applying things that work means you are rejecting things that don’t work. This way, decorating is a blend of all the things you do, don’t do, do and undo. In simple terms, it is about excess, deficit, fitting, and unfitting. While the fitting is naturally what you want to do, they are never the only things to look out for when decorating.

Common mistakes homeowners make center around excess, deficit, and unfitting. Checking through collected.reviews of homeowners, the mistake is either a design done too much, too little, or discarded as unfitting. In truth, homeowners might not have considered them as mistakes, but an editorial eye knows how to reveal them. When the degree of ease and comfort, then aesthetic, is not well spelled or is in chaos, then the designs must have been applied the wrong ways. Whatever decor products you buy, online shop reviews often show you how to use them. Regardless, the list below contains five decorating mistakes you must have been doing wrong.

1. Never Choose The Paint Color First

This mistake is very common to homeowners. After completing a house or moving to a new house, they are deceived to think the house must be painted before other details. This is wrong. Paint is meant to reflect the details of the house and not the other way round. Hundreds of paint can reflect whatever color your details take. First, move in your items, and then paint around them.

2. Don’t Push Against The Wall

Not everything should be pushed against the wall. More so, not even your furniture. Arrange your furniture in a way there are spaces between them and the wall. Pushing them against the wall negates your decorating designs. It especially affects your paint and can lead to dirt gathering underneath.

3. Don’t Hang Too High

Naturally, you want to hang your chandeliers and artwork, among other things. But you don’t have to hang them too high. Artwork and chandeliers hung too high betray the logic behind them. Both are meant to draw, reflect, and retain attention. If you must place them, do it in such a strategy that allows for a focal point. Let both initiate the elements you want them to by keeping them at a reasonable height.

4. Don’t Keep Too Short

Short curtains fall under the category of deficit mistakes, but most homeowners do not see it this way. The same thing applies to short rugs. Rugs should be large enough to sit pieces of furniture. And curtains should be at a moderate height, not too short, and yet not dragging the floor.

5. Don’t Use Too-many-too-much

Too many artworks turn your home into a gallery. Too many rugs turn it into a hotel. Too much furniture turns it into a conference room. Too many throw pillows do what? Yes, too many throw pillows turn it into a birthday party. You have to be careful of using too much in decoration.


Decorating takes time and effort. You need to be careful you are doing it the right way. And if done or applied wrong, you can always rectify it with an editorial eye.