Every homeowner experience plumbing issues. They can be relatively minor like leaking faucets, running toilets, or clogged drains, or more complicated and tough like sewer system or the pipe leaks which can cause serious damage to the floors and walls.

Most of the plumbing issues you face in your daily life have simple solutions. The problem is that we don’t bother to look for the cause and then try to fix it.

The general and simple way people opt for is, call the pros. However, if you call the pros on every plumbing issue you face, you will end up spending a lot of valuable money. So, what is the right thing to do? First, try to fix the problem by yourself or if it is out of your capability, acquire local handyman services. Local handyman services are economical and you will get an immediate response.

Here are some common plumbing issues that homeowners face and how you can take them.

  • How to break up drain clogs?

Clogging of drains in the bathroom or kitchen causes a lot of trouble. The general cause of slowing or clogging of the sinks and bathroom drain is debris, hair, and limescale. Before acquiring your local handyman services, try to unclog it with the help of a plunger or snake. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is also a great solution to try. This problem can be minimized by having a drain guard which will prevent hair and other debris to block your drains.

  • Leaking Faucets

Leaking Faucets
A leaking faucet is such a common issue that there will no one who hasn’t face it. It is very irritating and loss of water causes your water bills to rise. The main cause is the dislodged or worn out internal washer. The solution is very simple. You can replace the washer by yourself very easily provided you have the right tools.

  • Clogged Toilet

When the water starts to pool in your toilet and does not drain completely, there is a clog. There are a number of reasons for the clogging. However, you can use a plunger, sewer snake, or a drain auger to clear the way. If the issue persists, it is best to acquire the local handyman services.

  • Water Heater Malfunctioning

What happens when you are taking a shower and the water suddenly gets cold? There are multiple reasons for it. The buildup of the sediment in the tank, light out the pilot, or a faulty thermostat can be the reason for heater malfunctioning. It is better to let a professional inspect and fix your water heater.

  • Irregular Water Pressure

Irregular Water Pressure
Another common plumbing problem is low water pressure. It is mostly associated with old homes. Normally, with the passage of time, water pipes become corroded and broken and sediment deposits cause low water pressure. You can clean the aerators by soaking them in vinegar. Similarly, if the shower is making problems, soak the shower head in vinegar. If the problem continues, you can replace the shower head with a new one.

  • Sewer System Issues

Sewer system issues are like nightmares for any homeowner. They are nasty and expensive to fix. You can’t do much to resolve this issue. The best way to tackle your sewerage issues is to call the professionals who can deal with it accordingly. There can be a number of reasons. Your main sewer is clogged, something has invaded the pipe and block it, or the old sewer lines have collapsed. In any case, it is best to hire professionals.

  • Choose the Right Handyman Services

Choose the Right Handyman Services
Acquiring the right person to do your job is very critical. There are many important things you should consider before making a decision. Check the references and had a meeting with the people you are going to hire. You can take guideline from your family and friends about the handyman services they have utilized. This will make your life easier and stress-free.

Plumbing issues occur in every household. How you handle them is important. Always make a proper assessment of the issue and if it is of minor nature, do it yourself. If you don’t have the expertise, then acquiring the trusted local handyman services is the right way to go forward.