Once again, summer is just around the corner. Almost everyone has dreamed of having a beautiful outdoor space that can be used as a relaxing spot during the summer nights. An area where the entire family can hang out, tell stories, eat dinners as they enjoy the first days of vacation. 

But the thing is, your balcony is not updated, and probably your backyard is unmaintained. Well, what are you waiting for? This is your sign to finally kick off that balcony renovation you have been dreaming of for the longest time.

Renovate your balcony for the summer

We all have our dream balcony. But recently, photos of cosy looking boho patio, complete with a sitting area, have gone viral — and suddenly, everyone wants to have something like that. If you plan to renovate and redecorate your balcony before the summer, this article is perfect for you. We will be giving five practical tips that would definitely spruce up that dull old space.

Five balcony ideas for that beautiful summer vibe

1. Consider glass balustrade

If your house is outdated and still has wooden balustrades, it is time to have an upgrade. Renovate your balcony and steps with glass balustrade. It is a modern step up, especially if you want to have a balcony that looks less rustic. The glass also allows you to have a complete view of your backyard and can give off the vibe of a much wider balcony.

2. Enhance mood lighting

One of the primary keys to having that cosy vibe on your balcony is by adding warm lights. You can purchase affordable outdoor string lights anywhere. Just hang them above the balcony as overhead lights, and you already have a warm summer balcony.

3. Invest in high-quality outdoor furniture

Of course, you need a sitting area and some outdoor dining table. Consider spending on good quality outdoor couches that could last longer and can be used all year round. Remember to take into account the amount of space you have. If you have a smaller balcony, you can just opt for a couch and a small coffee table. If you want to splurge more and complete the classic outdoor furniture set-up, purchase a hammock.

4. Do not forget the plants.

Plants can indeed make everything look better. If your garden is full of flowers and decorative plants, just put some on a pot, so you do not have to buy anymore. Place them around the balcony or on the table to add more colour into the space.

5. Add accent decors.

Lastly, finish it off with some decorations like accent pillows and fluffy blankets. You can also put up some candles on the tables and a cosy rug on the floor. If you need more sitting spots, consider adding accent chairs or stools.

Follow these five practical and easy ideas, and we can guarantee you that you will achieve the most beautiful balcony for the summer. Of course, you can always add your touch to it, or if your patio is way wider, you can put more activity tables the family would enjoy.