You need to be on the lookout for ways to increase the value of your property all the time. Even if you won’t be selling soon, having a high-value property can help you secure an emergency loan fast. You don’t need professional builders or interior designers to add value to the property. Some home improvement projects can be completed independently as long as you are willing to commit your time and effort to the cause. The difficult DIY projects pay off in the long run which means they are worth committing to. These are the top 5 DIY projects that aren’t easy but can increase your property value:

Loft conversion

If you are not using your loft space you can convert it into an extra room. Loft conversions will automatically increase the value of any property. This project doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money. The project isn’t complex as well. You only need to secure the necessary building permits and hire a professional electrician.

An extra room in the house dramatically increases the property value. However, it has to look perfect. If it is substandard compared to the other rooms in the house then it can be the reason the house takes too long to get a buyer. Consequently, a loft conversion gone wrong can lower the property value. On top of that, all the money you will have spent on the project will have gone to waste.

Building a conservatory

Even if it is not a home extension, standalone conservatories are highly recommended for people who want to up their property values. However, don’t undertake this project if you don’t have enough room. It is not just about having a conservatory but rather having a great one. It needs to have plenty of light and be spacious.

You can build the conservatory on your own as long as you can get the needed materials and instructions(some manufacturers can provide these). As much as conservatories aren’t a symbol of affluence they were 2 decades ago, it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the effort. You only need to build a unique conservatory and watch as the property value soars.

Fix the exterior space

First impressions are everything in many circumstances and it is no different when it comes to properties. Buyers will have decided on whether to buy your property or not the moment they see it, even before you tell them the pros and cons of the property. That’s why you need to fix the exterior of the property so that it can speak for itself. It doesn’t even require a complete overhaul of the space. Simple changes can go a long way in making the space something to reckon with.

The fence is a great place to start if you want buyers to fall in love with the property. A touch of paint can transform the fence profoundly. Picket fences are also loved by many. In addition, planting trees or flowers along the fence will make the property look attractive. Declutter the garden and tend to it well. A well-kept garden is one of the most attractive features of any property according to many buyers.  A garden is not just for the beauty but also a place to go to when you are stressed and want to unwind, and even to entertain guests.

Adding a porch or small patio is another way to uplift the house exterior. If you have an existing one you can just fix it and add some luxurious patio furniture. The exterior of the house should be painted frequently to keep the house looking new and well maintained. Have all the bay windows and doors fixed to make sure there is nothing about the house exterior that will instantly put off potential buyers. If you can take care of the first impression then it will be quite easy to convince someone to buy.

Upgrade your lights

If you know how to play around with lights you’ll definitely win when it comes to home improvement projects.  Good lighting can liven the atmosphere of any space. Replacing old fixtures with new ones or even adding dimmer switches is a must-do. Light affects the mood and when people come back home at the end of the day feeling tired they don’t want to be greeted with harsh lights. Being able to control the color, depth, and brightness of lights in the house is something many buyers will jump on.

Technology is moving fast and there are smart lights that can be controlled by an app. Adjusting lighting without having to get up will be highly appreciated by many buyers, especially the young ones. It also gives you control as far as energy bills go. According to research done by Zillow, mentioning that a home had smart lights results in faster sales. Changing a light fixture is easy and a simple search on the internet will bring up so many guides that you can follow. It will save you from spending too much to hire a professional to complete the installations for you.

Revamp your kitchen

Even if a buyer won’t be using the kitchen that often, many of them still want to buy a house with a functional and modern kitchen. Revamping your kitchen goes a long way in increasing the value of your property. You need to make it spacious, well-designed and upgrade the key appliances if need be.

Fitting a completely new kitchen isn’t necessary but making sure that several people can seamlessly work in the kitchen at the same time is mandatory. A whole new kitchen fitting is costly but the great thing about DIYs is that everything doesn’t have to be done at the same time. You can be making the changes as you go along. If you have free weekends you can plan ahead on how to go about this. In 3 to 6 months you should be done. Also, allowing ample time to carry out such a project ensures you don’t stretch out your finances to the point of taking debt to make ends meet.

Choosing a light, neutral shade for the cupboards ensures no buyers will be put off by bold colors. Also, open-space shelves are a great idea if you want to cut the cost of buying cupboard doors. However, never forget how important storage space is in a kitchen.

DIYs are the way to go when it comes to increasing property values at the moment given the flexibility in terms of time and also finances. Nonetheless, before starting any project it is important to calculate how much it is going to cost and also the value it will add to the property upon successfully completing it. If possible, get the input of a realtor before picking the DIY project to embark on since they know more about what could help you sell the property fast and for more money.