DIY projects have long been a beneficial way of getting things done, if performed properly. We share 5 easy DIY projects for home in 2019.

How often have you come home from work and thought about all the DIY projects that need doing but not had the motivation to start them?

But it’s time to turn over a new leaf. With spring upon us, there has never been a better time to set aside some time to take care of the place you call home. After all, as they say, a man’s home is his castle!

Here are five easy DIY projects from home to get you started.

1. Re-paint the Lounge

Re-paint the Lounge
Sometimes your lounge can look a bit dull. If it has been painted the same color for years on end it cannot only feel tired and the paintwork faded but it can make you feel as if you are stuck-in-a-rut as if your life never really changes.

Deciding on the color is the hardest part and this might mean agreeing or disagreeing with a partner as to how radical that change should be.

Technology can help you here as augmented reality applications can enable you to entirely redecorate your home from your mobile phone or tablet.

The old advice still stands the test of time though. Lighter colors make your room look bigger and more inviting whereas darker colors make the room seem smaller, this might be an option if you are going for a cozy feel.

2. Install Decking

Sometimes your garden can look a bit bland, even if you have a perfectly trimmed lawn. Improving it could be as simple as installing a deck or a patio for hosting garden parties. Before long you’ll be the envy of your friends, family, and neighbors.

Some things you’ll need to think about are how big you want your decking to be and what type of wood you want to use.

Woods like Tigerwood are more expensive and need more care in the beginning but they generally last a lot longer than traditional woods used for decking. They also look brilliant as well because they have deep ingrains and an orange tinge to them.
A stone patio is also another option if wood is not your style.

Remember that once you have installed either a patio or a deck you’ll need to get yourself a high-pressure water pump to ensure you clean and maintain it properly. So be sure to check out this site which might be able to help you.

3. Make Your Home Smart

Make Your Home Smart
What better way to bring your home into the modern age than installing a smart home system to make all of your appliances work together in-tandem?

The Internet of Things is an exciting and emerging market full of innovations. Some of them currently work better than others. Here are some smart appliances that you could set up for your home:

  • Smart Energy. There is no better way of saving money on bills than installing a smart energy meter. This allows you to see exactly how much you are using, even down to individual appliances in some cases.
  • Smart Lights and Smart Plugs. Combining a smart energy meter with smart light appliances and smart plugs is also another great way of saving money. If you’re someone who walks into different rooms of your house and leaves the lights on, smart lightbulbs allow you to switch them off from the comfort of your iPhone from wherever you are in the house, even if you are downstairs. Smart plugs work in the same way.
  • Smart Assistant. A smart assistant with a speaker means you can control your whole house simply by speaking out loud to your very own personal assistant. It can even help you organize your family life by reminding everybody of their schedules and ordering Ubers or booking train tickets for you.

4. Retile the Bathroom

The bathroom should be the sanctuary of your house. It’s where you come to relax and take a bath and perhaps the only room in the house where you can get away from it all.

So retiling it is a great way to spend an afternoon. New tiles can transform your bathroom into a Roman bath or a sleek modern hotel depending on their pattern and color.

5. Change the Furniture

Change the Furniture
Sometimes we don’t need to redecorate an entire room to make it feel fresh and new. It’s just a case of upgrading and rearranging the furniture.

This is one of a number of very cheap DIY projects. It can involve buying new cushions or throws for a sofa or even putting up new paintings or fixtures.

What also makes DIY room decor such a great project is it can involve spending no money at all. Sometimes rearranging the furniture, tidying up and thinking about what you want that room to say about your home is all you need to do to make that room feel alive again.

DIY Projects From Home: Find One to Suit You and Your Budget

When we think of DIY projects from home it’s easy to think of tasks that involve hard labor like refitting a whole bathroom or re-plastering our kitchen walls.

Whilst these tasks can sometimes be fulfilling, often there are much cheaper projects which can serve your purpose just as well.

Installing tech to make your home a smart place to live and rearranging or updating some of the interior decors can make for easy DIY projects for the home.

If you’re interested in learning more about home decor be sure to check our article on inspirations for styling your living room.