Whenever you are working in your kitchen other just never seems to be enough space for being able to work properly. It is because we often have the tendency to overcrowd the kitchen and the work area and there is nothing more annoying than working in a disorganized kitchen space.

But worry not as we have found the perfect solution for it. These tips will help you keep and maintain an organized and lean kitchen all the time. Not only will it help you to keep a neat kitchen but these tips will help you create so much space around the kitchen to work and perform without any hassle.

1.Use lidded jars to store stuff in your kitchen

Use lidded jars to store stuff in your kitchen
Lidded jars especially the ones that have see-through lids are great for storage around the kitchen. Whatever extra things that you have to store around the kitchen you can put them in these jars instead of laying them loose in the kitchen drawer. When you lay these things out lose it all mixes up other items and create up a mess which even makes it terribly difficult to find them. So store it in see-through lidded jars and this will make up space and give you an organized kitchen to work in.

2.Store the measuring spoons separately in a jar near the stove

Store the measuring spoons separately in a jar near the stove
Measuring spoons are one of those things that seem as if they have got feet and they walk around the kitchen. These somehow literally ends up in several different compartments in the kitchen and when you need them, you can’t find them. So here is the idea, gather all your measuring spoons together and put them all in a jar and place it near the stove. That way the spoons will all be in one place and you can easily access them while cooking. This even looks super cute in a nice lidded jar by the stove.

3.Mound cookie sheets using LEGO’s

Mound cookie sheets using LEGO’s LEGO’s
Yes, you read it right, LEGO’s are an excellent way to keep your cookie sheets heaped and stacked. This is particularly useful when you bake a lot and have a lot of these sheets laying around in the kitchen.

4.Keep your cutting boards in magazine holders

Keep your cutting boards in magazine holders
Cutting board eats up a lot of space in the kitchen top. They just lay around the kitchen crowding the place other than the time you are using them. As chopping boards are pretty large sized items, it is better to keep them in a particular place in the kitchen to make space. So bring in a magazine holder and place your cutting and chopping boards in that. It will save up so much space and give your kitchen a modern look.

5.Keep your silver utensils and cutleries in the dishwasher by similar items

Keep your silver utensils and cutleries in the dishwasher by similar items
Place the silver utensils in the dishwasher like other items and it makes it an ease to unload them out later. So group up all your silverware together and put them in the dishwasher and voila, you are good to go for a neat outlook around your kitchen and have less hassle while unloading it.


For a home cook, it is vital to keep a clean and organized kitchen. If your kitchen is tidy you will have moderate space to work in it and even your work outcome will be much better. Give these tips a try and you will find that your kitchen will always be neat and very organized and even have a modern look to it.