Before buying a beach house make sure to do your research. Keep reading for 5 key tips to know before purchasing a beach house.

Take a moment and imagine the scene we’re laying out.

You’re sitting comfortably in a reclined wooden chair. Sand surrounds your toes, warmth graces your skin, and your ears listen to the music of seagulls and waves lapping on the shore.

To many, this dreamy picture represents vacation. To you, this reality could become your home. If you are particularly savvy, this could even present a key Airbnb property manager opportunity.
If you’re interested in having a stay-cation at a beach-front house you call your own, you’re in the right place (and the right state of mind).

If you’re interested in having a stay-cation at a beach-front house you call your own, you’re in the right place (and the right state of mind).

Although it’s easy to sink into the serenity of coastal living, there are a few things you should know before purchasing a beach house. Keep reading to prepare yourself for one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

1. Consider Weather and Natural Disasters

Consider Weather and Natural Disasters
Sunshine and heaven on earth come at a slight cost. A beach house may experience high winds, floods, storms, and hurricanes.

Around the world, floods and storms cause 80% of weather-induced moves. Meaning that mother nature forces many people to move due to water-related incidents.

Use insurance to protect your assets. Many waterfront homes require flood insurance. Shop for fair rates, as they can tend to be pricey.

2. Look at the Construction and Foundation

You can prevent most damage by looking for a house with weather-proof materials. Sustainable construction fights high temperatures, sunlight, heavy rain, wind, and saltwater corrosion. There are several waterfront homes for sale in New Hampshire that suit these criterias.


Stilts elevate the house so flooding causes less damage. Additionally, the house should consist of concrete and naturally durable wood.


The roof of a beach house gets more wear than an average home. Look for houses with newer or metal roofs. This protects the house more and keeps you from spending thousands of dollars getting a new one.

Plus, a metal roof can lower the cost of cooling your house up to 30%.


Look for a house with impact windows. This lowers the risk of damage from wind and debris.

Additionally, good windows lower your insurance, increase energy efficiency, and make your cozy space quieter.

3. Assess the Outside Space

Photography of Bedarra Island Resort for Charlton Hotels – 26-27 June 2014.
You’re looking for a beach house because you want to enjoy the outdoors, right?
When looking for a property, keep in mind what you want to do outdoors. Do you want a deck? How about a swimming pool?

This will help you narrow down your choices to find the right fit.

4. Look into Property Management Details

If you won’t be staying at the property full time, a timeshare would best work for you. However, you must consider the costs of someone maintaining the space while you’re gone. Beach homes need more maintenance due to the harsh weather. By the time you can no longer afford all the incurring costs and decide to get rid of your timeshare, you can hire a reliable professional or find out who is the best timeshare exit company?

Depending on the neighborhood you land in, you may have to join a Homeowners Association (HOA). Look into the fees, rules, and responsibilities associated with owning a home in the area.

You can also consider hiring a property manager to rent your property while you’re away. This will also enable you to increase your rental revenues by up to 40%.

5. Before Purchasing a Beach House, Check Out the Neighborhood

Before Purchasing a Beach House, Check Out the Neighborhood
In addition to understanding the details of the HOA, you should try to meet your future neighbors before buying a house.

Neighborhoods vary based on the closest town and the state the house is in. Make sure to talk to neighbors to get a feel for the area. If you’re wanting to rent out your space or use it as an AirBnB, it’s essential you talk to them to see if they’re open to the idea.

If the Process Becomes Stressful, Close Your Eyes

Imagine the peaceful feelings associated with being on a beach. This will keep your mind on the prize and calm you down during the process of purchasing a beach house.

Before you start the process, look for a realtor to aid the process. They’re professionals in the real estate process and can help make the process smooth sailing.