Even though it is the sunniest state in the country, Western Australia is no stranger to torrential rains and the occasional hailstorm. Heavy rains are particularly common around March and bad hailstorms have happened in some populated areas in the past few years.

This combination of different intense weather conditions makes it important to check your gutters and roofs at least once a year. Roofs and gutters can receive an intense battering without our realising it, which can be bad for the rest of your property, as these features are critical for keeping it protected and in good condition.

Roof and gutter maintenance can be somewhat risky and difficult, which is probably why many of us put off doing it. In most cases, we recommend you get the services of qualified tradespeople to inspect your roof and gutters and do any necessary repairs.

In the Pilbara region of WA, Profix building maintenance services in Karratha has been the go-to for businesses and homeowners who need their roofs and gutters checked.

In any case, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip regular maintenance of these often-ignored parts of your property:

1.) Regular maintenance preserves your property’s value

Having professionals check and clean your roof can go a long way into helping preserve your house or commercial building’s value. If you’re planning to sell your building, real estate appraisers will have someone look at the roof and gutters and base their valuation partly on their state.
Regular maintenance preserves your property’s value

2.) Regular checks will allow unseen water damage and mould infestations to be addressed

Because many parts of your roof and gutters are not directly visible or easy to inspect, there may be issues that are not immediately obvious. Chief among these are small holes and gaps that may be caused by constant expansion and contraction due to Western Australia’s varied weather.

These gaps may allow some water to leak through to the inside of your house without your knowing it, possibly causing an unseen and potentially hazardous mould infestation, or causing water damage to various parts fixtures of your home.

Regular inspections by qualified trades professionals will allow you to address these issues before they start to become a serious problem for your property and your family.

3.) Yearly check-ups help you avoid potentially more expensive repairs.

Roof and gutter damage is especially pernicious, as small problems can easily become big (and very expensive!) problems after only a short time. Make sure to have the roof inspected once a year, especially before winter or the wet season.

4.) It may be important for insurance claims after disasters

worker installs the gutter system on the roof
As we mentioned earlier, hailstorms and torrential rains are not unknown in Western Australia. We also sometimes get hit by the occasional cyclone. If you want to file for an insurance claim on your roof after these types of events, it may be helpful to have a qualified professional assess the roof and gutters to bolster your claim.

5.) Keeps your roof and gutters working better for longer

This is the heart of the matter. Buildings, be it a home or a commercial asset, practically exist for life. It’s only prudent to make sure that what may be the most expensive thing you own is maintained and taken care of properly — roofs, gutters, and other hard-to-see and hard-to-maintain fixtures included.


While we don’t always see what’s going on with our roofs and gutters, they nevertheless are an important part of our property. These parts of your property require regular inspection and maintenance for the reasons we mentioned above.

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