Creating an outdoor space is a great way to get connected with nature. Check out this guide for tips for creative outdoor living space design.

There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting outside and relaxing. Something about the sounds of nature and the fresh air melts away stress and helps us feel more grounded.

That is why many people are finding ways to build a living area outside of their homes. In a 2017 research study, 70% of the 500 building contractors surveyed say that they have seen a consistent increase in client requests for outdoor living areas over the last few years.

Before you start looking for patio furniture, there are a few things to consider when planning your outdoor living space design. We have a list of 5 critical steps to consider when creating your personal outdoor sanctuary. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Level the Playing Field

Before you begin to build anything, it is crucial to make sure your land is level and any obstructions considered. Any foundation you use will need to have level ground before installation.
Level the Playing Field
Keep in mind that you don’t need to clear away all the obstructions. You can incorporate a beautiful tree, but that must be a consideration when planning the space.

2. Flawless Foundations for Outdoor Living Space Design

There are many options you could choose from for your outdoor flooring. The type of flooring you choose is an important feature for the feel of the space.

For an earthy and minimalistic feel, look for stone pavers, or medium size gravel for your flooring.

Anything that looks like it could be a natural floor is fair game for this type of ambiance.

If you want something more constructed for your outdoor space, try building a sundeck. Find a great builder like Sunburst Construction, Inc. to build the perfect deck or patio for your home.

3. Defining the Space

Using vertical features to draw your eye up will add height to the outdoor space and define its area.
Defining the Space
Think outside the box when choosing your walls. You could opt for trellises or a waterfall feature instead of standard walls.

4. the Cherry on Top

The sunshine is wonderful, but we don’t need it beating on our heads while we relax, so add a roof to your living area.

You could add a gazebo for protection from the sun as well as a bit of cover from the rain. Or, if you want some light to shine through, consider adding a sun sail, or a vine-covered trellis over your living area.

5. Fabulous Furnishings

Outdoor furniture has become more popular over the years as well. There has been an explosion in the types of style and materials available to choose from. Be sure to pick something weather resistant and sturdy so it will last for many years.
Fabulous Furnishings
For fabrics, neutrals will last the longest as they are not bleached by the sun right away. Bright colors are beautiful, but be aware that you will need to replace them often.

Be One with Mother Nature

Keep in mind that the spot you choose is as important as your design plans. Be sure to pick a spot where you feel relaxed and has the most enjoyable view. Though your biggest spot of land may be near the road, staring at traffic will negate the calming effect of being outdoors.

Now that you know the most important steps for outdoor living space design, It’s time to get the creative juices flowing. Get out there and smell the roses!