Thinking about updating your home’s roofing situation? Check out these new residential roofing trends and learn about new material, styles, and solar panels.

Your roof can do more than protect you from the elements. The newest roofing trends are giving you more options than ever to make your roof even more functional.

Today, more and more people are getting work done on their roofs. Because of this, the roofing industry is at a record high with four consecutive years of growth.

But why are people buying into the roofing industry? It’s because of the new options that are now available for your roof.

Below are five trends to watch out for in residential roofing for 2019.

1. Solar Roofs

Your roof is exposed to the sun throughout the entire day. Why not make the most of it?
The solar industry is bigger than ever. Over the past several years the cost of solar panels has come down, making the cost of outfitting your home with solar cheaper than it used to be.
Solar Roofs
With the federal tax credit for solar installations ending soon, consumers are starting to take advantage before their time comes out. 2019 will see more significant numbers of solar installations.

And with solar panels being more attractive than ever, they are a great addition to any home.

2. Cool Roofs

One of the most significant costs of a home comes from keeping it cool. We need to be taking advantage of anything possible to keep our home cooler naturally.

Cool roofs have resulted from this need. New building material has been developed that does a better job at reflecting the sun.

This material will stop your home from absorbing as much heat as a traditional roof. This will help keep your home cooler during the summer months.

3. Metal Roofs

As we’ve continued to experience more severe weather in recent years, consumers are demanding more sturdy homes. Metal roofs are an option available for you if this is you.
Metal Roofs
A metal roof isn’t only durable. It’s stylish too. It’s a very different look compared to traditional roofing material.

As more styles become available in 2019, more metal roofing projects should start developing.

4. Designer Roofs

Most people want their home to reflect who they are. It isn’t as fun to have a home that looks like everything else on the street.

With designer roofs being available for most materials you can think of, designer roofs are giving consumers more options to make their home unique.

5. Green Roofs

Green Roofs
Have you ever wanted to make a garden? It’s a dream for a lot of people, but we don’t always have the room for one.

But what about all the extra space on your roof?

For people who have easy roof access, roof gardening is becoming popular. A typical roof garden is made up of protective fabric, waterproof membrane, engineered soil, and a layer of plants.

Make Sure You Learn About All the Residential Roofing Available

If you’re in the market for new residential roofing, then make sure you explore all the options out there. Things have changed the past few years, and there are more options than ever for you to choose from.
Make Sure You Learn About All the Residential Roofing Available
Once you finish your roofing project, you might want to work on the other areas of your home. Head over to our blog for more great tips.