Achieving a beautiful home can take time. You must look for the types of home décor items available in the market and then choose the unique ones from the lot. The availability of such items is not scarce fortunately and you can find them in every online and offline market. Moreover, the creative industry is widely growing and giving people access to a host of some extremely extraordinary products. Unlike the previous years, you can now enjoy styles in every piece including furniture.

As you commence with the selection process for furniture, you need to be careful in finding the right piece for every category. Be it a set of sofa, outdoor seating arrangement, tables or bed, they need to blend with the other décor options in your home. Among the many types, tables play a distinct role in beautifying and organizing any given space. They come in many shapes and sizes for people to use them accordingly in the different rooms, outdoors as well as when traveling.

Yes, you may buy these pieces of furniture in the store and even online, but there’s pride and an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction when you can make one for yourself.  Recently, epoxy river tables became popular worldwide. It’s a new table design that features pieces of reclaimed timber with epoxy resin in between resembling an image of a flowing river. 

This stunning piece of furniture is a true work of art that could become a favourite conversation piece when you have visitors at your lovely home. Its style can complement many design aesthetics.  So, whether you’re aiming for rustic, country, minimalist or modern, the river table will definitely fit right in. 

If you’re planning to create a DIY epoxy timber table, you may check out many video tutorials online that will teach you the step-by-step process and a few tricks and tips to achieve your own extraordinary river table.

Types of Tables to Invest In

As mentioned above, you can come across a plethora of designs, shapes and sizes when it comes to tables. But which types should you invest in without fail to fit the purpose of decorating and organizing your home? Let us discuss some of these basic yet significant table types:

  1. Coffee Table: ideally used in the living area, a coffee table is placed along with the sofa sets. It comes with a good space allowing one to place magazines, plants, foods and so on.
  2. Side Table: Just like the name suggests, side tables can be placed on the sides of any other form of furniture. The professionals of recommend buying side tables that match the material of the surrounding furniture. You can be placed next to the bed in a bedroom and next to the sofa sets in a living room.
  3. Accent Table: Every home must have at least one accent table to create that unique décor element. The accent tables can be of any shape and size as well as color. Most people love to invest in antique designs, but you can make your choice of getting creative!
  4. Dining Table: Like the furniture for every activity, dining tables are a must when you want to enjoy your meals in the company of your loved ones comfortably. It typically seats six people, but you can always add and subtract the same as per the space and requirement. Dining tables are an iconic part of one’s home and many memorable family memories are forged here, so choosing a great one would be extremely important
  5. Study Table: Every household must also have a study table. When buying one, ensure that there are enough sections including drawers and shelves to organize the different items. Additionally, this type of furniture can be used for both study and work-related activities. Some study tables in the market feature ergonomic designs that you could consider so that anyone using them will feel comfortable and less stressed.

These tables serve important functions in your home, so carefully assessing every detail before you buy should be considered.  Remember that most of these pieces of furniture can be passed on to several generations, so investing in quality pieces should be taken into account. Moreover, if you’ve invested your creativity and effort in creating one like a river table, its value will definitely go up and the furniture could become an heirloom piece like jewelry.

Once you have narrowed down the types of tables you require for your home, the next step to plan is deciding on the material. The furniture today is made from dozens of materials including wood, plywood and plastic. The choice of material can be made based on the area you wish to place the furniture. It is always suggested by experts to do proper research on all possible platforms before investing in a product.