When we think of designing our homes, we focus more on the interior of the house and neglect the outdoor area. We will pick out the best colour scheme for furniture and curtains, best paintings for the wall and centrepieces for the coffee table that will impress our guests. But the outdoor could be left bear with nothing interesting to offer. So how about showing the outdoor area some love with these five tips we have discussed below.

Things you should consider when designing your outdoor

1. The theme is important

The theme of your home should not only be in the interior of the house the colourful and creative ideas could also spill over to the outdoor. There should be a connection between the two, think of the colour pallets you have used inside, and extended to the living area outside. You could spice it up and make the outdoor a little different, going with one theme makes your home look like a whole unit.

2. What is the purpose of the outdoor space?

Try and think through what you want the outdoor space to be used for. Is it a place your kids will be playing and bonding with nature, or do you have family gathering often and you would like to utilise the space outside? Whatever the case, ensure as you design your outdoor area you have all this in mind.

3. What is the wow factor?

Your interior has that one centrepiece that immediately draws your guest’s attention the same thing needs to be done to your outdoor area. Take some time and think of the items you would like in your outdoor area, maybe a nice fireplace for bonding nights or maybe just a statement wall at the corner. Decide what the statement piece will be early on so that the other elements you include simply complement it.

4. The lighting of the area

Lighting is the next thing to think of after the wow factor, as this could either make or break your space. Simple and creative use of light can immediately make your outside look stylish. If you are thinking of getting a decking area, think of the ways you will play around with the lighting. Identify interesting and eye-catching lighting features that will blow your guests minds.

5. Make it also comfortable

As much as you are relaxing outdoors, it should also be a comfortable space, and for this, there are a few measures you will need to look into. There needs to be a shade that will protect people from the sun, also consider ways of keeping your guests warm if you are to host a gathering in the evening. Your outdoor should be used in good and bad weather. Thus, take a step back and evaluate your space to find ways to take advantage of it.


With a functional and well thought out backyard immediately makes your home look attractive. And when you cleverly set up another place outdoors that family and friends can gather makes your home look more functional and provides you with great value.