Many people love spending time in the kitchen. It’s the place for individuals who enjoy cooking and preparing hearty meals for their loved ones. It’s also where some memories are made—where families bond while preparing or savoring meals together or even entertain guests. With the importance of this part of the house, it’s understandable that homeowners would want their kitchen to be fully functional and stylish. However, a few renovations or repairs may be needed to achieve this, especially if your kitchen is already outdated or old. 

Even though a kitchen remodel project may cost you USD$25,000 on average, it can definitely improve the functionality of this room and boost comfort in this space. But with a great deal of money required to complete the project, you might be tempted to do the renovation work yourself to cut down on expenses. However, it’s best to leave the job to professional kitchen manufacturers and designers, who are equipped with the right tools and skills to finish the task efficiently. (1)

But when hiring a kitchen remodeling company, you need to be meticulous in your choice. You don’t want to waste your money on an unqualified contractor, so here are a few things to consider when hiring one.


Generally, contractors are required to obtain licenses from the state. To ensure the company you’re hiring is reliable, ask for their credentials. This way, you can check if they’re accredited by the government, which means they’ve passed the minimum quality standards required. There may also be designations and permits they need to secure from professional associations, which you can find out by doing a quick online search. (2) (3) 

Aside from the company’s licenses and permits, the individual credentials of their designers and engineers are another thing to look out for. These professionals should have completed their education and, ideally, have graduated from reputable schools and institutions. If the company presents all this information before you can even ask for it, it means they’re confident about the qualifications and skills of their team. (3) (4)

Being in the field of design and construction requires expertise, which can only be acquired through years of training and studying. It’s not enough that the company claims to be the best in this field. They must have invested their time and effort in accomplishing professional requirements, such as taking courses or completing diploma programs and attending workshops or seminars, to acquire the needed certifications. (5) 


Another factor to check before hiring a contractor is their portfolio. Ask them to share details of the projects they’ve completed in the recent past. You can also visit their website to see photos of kitchens they’ve remodeled recently. If there are videos, also check them out to help you assess better the quality of their work. (5)

If possible, ask to visit a home they’ve previously worked on to get the chance to see their handiwork in person. Evaluate whether the company is capable of handling versatile designs and styles. You want to make sure they can improve the functionality of your kitchen without compromising its aesthetic value. (2)

Before-and-after shots of their recent projects are also useful in assessing their level of expertise and craftsmanship. However, be meticulous in checking the photos. If they seem heavily edited or manipulated to look good, this may raise doubt as to the company’s credibility and quality of work.

Recommendations and referrals

Reading reviews is crucial to finding the best kitchen remodeling contractor for your project. You can check various companies’ websites for testimonials from previous clients. Also, look into their social media accounts to see what people are saying about them. Third-party review sites for companies in your area are likewise useful for identifying reputable service providers.

Real clients with actual experiences are always the best source of information when you’re trying to do a background check on companies. You can also look for the latest reviews to find out the results of their most recent projects. The customers should be highly satisfied and confident in recommending the company to people also looking to transform  their kitchen. However, take the time to check old reviews, too, to know if they’ve consistently provided quality service through the years. (3)

It’s better to get referrals from relatives, friends, and neighbors who recently had their kitchen remodeled since they have firsthand experience in working with a contractor in your area. Ask details about the provider and their services and whether they’re satisfied with the results.


As a homeowner, it’s understandable if you have concerns or queries about your kitchen renovation. After all, your home is a significant asset and investment. Therefore, it makes sense to want to stay on top of the entire project. 

For this reason, you’d want to look for a contractor that would explain the process clearly and answer your questions patiently. Though you can’t expect them to answer all your messages and calls right away, they should be able to respond at their most convenient time.


Once the other factors check out, you can now review the contract and go through all the terms. Look for the payment schedule as well as the estimated start and end dates to see if they work for you. A specific inventory of the products and materials to be used must also be listed in the contract. There should also be proof of insurance in case of accidents and emergencies. All of these details must be spelled out clearly in the contract to avoid confusion and misinterpretation.


A kitchen remodeling project must be left to the professionals, but not all contractors provide the same quality of service. As such, it’s best to be meticulous when choosing the contractor to hire. Ask about their credentials and portfolio and look for reviews to be sure they’re as good as they claim to be. They must also be open to communicating with you, and their contract should provide clear terms and conditions to avoid any future legal entanglements.


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