Have you been wondering what it would be like to relocate to a quieter place, not too close to hustle bustle of a city and yet offer world-class amenities? Well, Mississauga has your back. Mississauga, Ontario offers a variety of affordable family homes and peaceful neighborhoods. With easy access to bigger cities nearby and other hard to miss perks, here is a list of 5 things to know before you plan to move to Mississauga.

Unmissable Mild Weather

Perks of being located next to Lake Ontario, Mississauga is blessed with the lake effect, which contributes to a mild weather ‘round the year. Like great things have its pros, they also have their cons—here the downside being foggy days at the time of Spring and Autumn, a common feature for all neighborhoods adjacent to the lake. The weather condition in Sauga provides a healthy environment for vegetation, making it a home to around 500 parks.
Unmissable Mild Weather
As compared to the other parts of Canada, Sauga has relatively less snowfall during winters. Cold months commonly see cold temperatures below ‘minus 6 degrees’, whereas the summers are warm with humidity, recording the temperature between 20 to 30 degrees’

Housing Options

As compared to Toronto, real estate in Mississauga offers relatively cheaper housing options. Rental vacancies are a little tight in the city with bachelor units boasting very low monthly prices.

The neighborhoods of Mississauga are well planned, where Cooksville offers a solid central base which is mere steps away from most essential amenities and second largest mall in Canada, Square One Mall. Erin Mills becomes the most inhabited area in the city which is dotted by the multi-level single-family homes. Lakeview and Port Credit are situated next to Lake Ontario which has a blend of family homes and block flats. These houses are mostly sold than rented. To sum it up, you will find a place to call home when in Sauga.

Cultural Diversity

Mississauga is a very diverse city. Like its first neighbor—Toronto, the city is home to people from all over the world. The city also boats of many ethnic neighborhoods, and it is quite common to hear various dialects on the city’s streets. Not to forget you will enjoy delicacies from around the world, making Sauga haven for all food lovers.

Carassauga, Mississauga’s Festival of Culture, see the largest gathering of different cultures in Canada and is the most famous festival in the city. Music, food, fashion and more from different cultures of the world is the main attraction of Carassauga.

Excellent Education

Mississauga promises the most holistic family life, not only in terms of fun and things to do but excellent education institutes. From elementary level to the University of Toronto, Mississauga, you do not have to worry about your child’s future at all. They will have an opportunity to be exposed to a world-class education system and build a great future.
Excellent Education


Moving to Mississauga comes with a great perk of commutation between Sauga and Toronto. You will be able to commute a lot to Toronto much less than the cost of living in the city. The train is the best way to commute between the two cities, and soon you will enjoy the best of both the cities. In terms of local connectivity, the city is quite spread out and walking the distances can be a bit challenging. Despite having an extensive network of Public Transit System, it is advisable to have a private vehicle for easy commuting purposes.

Final Thoughts

Moving to Mississauga will enrich your life and increase the quality of your life. The weather condition is excellent for vegetation, not to forget Lake Ontario, which is a hub to relax and be. A great place where different cultures meet and greet each other boasts of some beautiful real estate properties. An excellent education system and ease of commuting to Toronto, the commercial hub, makes Sauga a place worth experiencing for great family life.