Everybody wants to prepare meals in a well painted and neat kitchen. It’s like it has magic power when your kitchen is well organized right from the utensils to cabinets, you just enjoy the presence of being in there. The beauty of your kitchen is not only defined by color but also the arrangement of your kitchen hardware. However, there are so many mistakes that people do which makes their cabinet paints undesirable such as;

Choosing the wrong color for your cabinet

  • Buying cheap paints which are most likely to be of low or poor quality
  • Failing to clean their cabinets before painting, this leads to undesirable results.
  • Failing to label where your drawers, doors, and hardware will go back after painting the kitchen is done.
  • Failing to clean the woods with grease remover, this leads to paints not sticking as it should be.

Painting kitchen cabinets is not an easy job as many perceive it. It requires a lot of expertise in the process in order to yield the best results or you have to opt for professional kitchen painting services. Here are some tips on painting kitchen cabinets:

Having to choose the right paint for your kitchen is the first major decision you need to make. Some may opt for the normal wall paints but they may let you down by not holding up well after consistency cleaning. Also, they are known for constituting a chemical that doesn’t go well with woods. Therefore, one should go for paints with Alkyd enamel formula.

Consider using an oil-based primer

Cabinet paints don’t go well with water-based formulas because they do discolor the paints really fast. When it comes to oil-based formulas, the hardwoods are less likely to discolor, but rather they are really good at creating a well-adhered surface of the painting.

Organizing your kitchen hardware

Organizing your kitchen hardware

This is a step that really needs your time but if you want a fantastic looking kitchen, then it is worth your time. You will need to label the doors of your cabinets for easy retrieval of your kitchen appliances. This prevents you from disorganizing the already well-placed appliances in their right cabinets.

You only need to label behind the hinges and it won’t be visible, thus it won’t affect coloring and refinishing of your kitchen. Another thing is that you also need to remove your appliances to clean them, since they may have gotten some dirt and dust when in cabinets.

Consider applying light coats of paints rather than heavy ones at a time. Painting kitchen requires a lot of care for not leaving drip marks which would add more job of sanding and re-painting again. You need to choose your rollers right so as not to leave a stippled finish, low-nap rollers are not recommended.