1. Envision Yourself As The Burglar

Do a test by locking your home as you normally would and then try to get back inside. Think of how a burglar would try to get in without a gate control or keys. Check the strength of the burglar bars and security gates to see if they are sturdy enough. Check for anything that can be climbed, forced, or broke to gain access into your home easily. It’s essential to have weak points fixed as soon as possible.
Envision Yourself As The Burglar

2. Protect Access Points

The boundary of your property is the most predominant line of defense. Adding barbed wire or electric fencing are excellent options. Make sure your trees are trimmed so that criminals can’t climb them to gain access over your wall or fence. All doors and windows must be secured by adding well-fitted and solid burglar bars and good quality locking mechanisms. A security gate is a great safety expense too.

3. Boost Visibility

One of your best beneficial tools in the fight against crime is the lighting. Motion-activated lighting around the perimeter will set off the lights once movement is detected. These lights are excellent criminal deterrents. A more cost-effective option is having small solar-powered LED lights in outside areas surrounding your home. Also, ensure plants are trimmed to improve visibility and leave no hiding places for intruders.

4. Installing An Alarm System

Installing An Alarm System
Private security firms often have a faster response time than authorities as they already have vehicles in the vicinity that are doing patrols. When you’re comparing house alarms Melbourne prices, some of the top services included are pet-friendly motion sensors, daily patrols, and panic buttons.

5. Getting A Dog

Dogs are excellent additions to any home security systems since their senses are well attuned, and they are highly territorial. A dog can give you ample warning of unwanted guests entering the premises.

Additional Security Tips For Safeguarding Your Home

  • Make sure all valuables are kept in a safe place out of sight, particularly valuable items that are visible from the street.
  • Make it difficult for criminals to break in. Keep garden tools, ladders, and other things that may make it easier to gain access safely stored in a locked tool shed or storage room.
  • Maintain good relations with neighbors and maybe implement a neighborhood watch to report any suspicious activity occurring in the neighborhood.
  • Make use of timers. If you’re going on vacation or away for an extended period, consider placing lights and your TV on a timer to give intruders the impression that someone is home.
  • Be vigilant about the people you’re letting into your home. With the exclusion of family and friends, anyone may be a possible criminal. This include garden services, salespeople, or cleaning staff. Always make sure you’re dealing with reputable companies who supply a service.
  • Make sure you are getting direct referrals before hiring contractors and ask for identification.

Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes, and by implementing the tips mentioned above, you and your family can enjoy the serenity of having a home that is safeguarded against intruders and a possible break-in.