It is wonderful to entertain in the backyard during the summer months. You can invite lots of guests over without your house getting messy and make the most of the late evenings and warm weather with friends and family. Here are five tips to add the wow factor to your backyard and impress your visitors. 

Keep it Well Maintained

You may have raked up the leaves and watered the plants but if you want to add the wow factor you may want to do a little more. Your backyard can look dated if there is peeling paint or broken fence panels so set aside a weekend and do any minor repairs that need doing and paint your shed. Pruning your bushes and trees can make your backyard look neater and create more space. This will give your garden a fantastic new look. 

Install a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your backyard will make it feel tranquil and help you and your guests relax after a long week at work. A water feature will attract wildlife such as birds and butterflies which will be beautiful to watch in the summer months. You don’t have to try to recreate the Trevi fountain in the backyard to have the desired effect. There are a lot of different water features to choose from that will suit your style and taste, or if you are good at DIY, you could even create your own.

Try Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening adds the wow factor because it is more unusual, and it means that you can add a greater variety of plants and flowers. A vertical garden planter can be used to liven up a back fence or wall or even create an arbor. 

Add a Variety of Colors

Going into a backyard and being greeted by a riot of assorted colors is one of the best things about the summer.  You can have fun with plants and flowers by creating a variety of distinct colors to brighten up your backyard as there are so many to choose from. You will enjoy looking at the scenery in your garden over the warmer months and so will your guests. A variety of colors is one of the easiest ways to add the wow factor to your garden, especially if you enjoy maintaining them.

Add Some Beautiful Lights

You don’t need to come inside once the sun goes down; you just need to make sure you have enough light to see by. This can be used to create a great party atmosphere or a beautiful romantic setting. Fairy lights and lanterns can look wonderful after the sun sets or add burners to create a cozy glow and make sure that you and your guests don’t get too cold when the temperature drops. 

Adding the wow factor to your garden does not have to be difficult and the effect can be incredibly impressive. Follow these five tips to make your garden look even more beautiful this summer.