Your home should be a place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. One way to ensure that is to have a home that you’re proud of and want to show off. Keep reading for 5 ways you can make a statement in your very own living room using furniture. 

Sofas and chairs 

In a living room, it makes sense that you turn to the seating as a way of making a statement. It might feel a little daunting thinking of changing your whole room, so this is a great place to start if you want to make a change without going too crazy. 

A common way of doing this is to have a statement sofa – think funky colours – and a couple of chairs that contrast the sofa. The more eye catching, the better. 

Statement furniture 

The term statement furniture is very broad, and rightly so. Material, colour and function are the three main points to take into consideration here.

Unexpected materials, bright colours and unusual purposes are all ideal ways of making a statement. You could take any item that’s not usually seen in a living room and use it for whatever you see fit. 

Textures and ‘warmth’

Taking things to the floor is a sure way to make a statement. Although many people opt for the largest rugs they can get their hands on, perhaps you might want to use smaller rugs to highlight different areas within the same room. A fluffy rug for a comfy corner, a colourful sheepskin under the dining table etc. 

Remember the impact that things can have on the atmosphere – for example an electric fireplace will immediately make a room feel more cosy and homely. There’s just no beating a shaggy rug in front of a flickering flame. 

Use objects to tell stories 

Don’t be afraid to go against all ‘traditional ideas’ of statement furniture and instead make your own rules. Different things are important to and connect with different people, in different ways, so it’s up to you which statement pieces you choose and what they mean to you.

 You might find a unique piece from a charity store by accident, or have something that’s been passed down to you from generations before. Whatever you happen upon, focus on the feelings that certain pieces give you and channel this into your design. 

Consider mirror placements

Something as simple as adding or switching up your use of a mirror can completely transform a room. Whether you want your space to look longer, more spacious or brighter, your placement of mirrors will have a big impact. 

If you have a spacious room with various blank walls, add an oversized mirror. Without anything else, that alone will create a statement. Not only do mirrors cover large empty spaces with ease, but they also add a bit of texture and light.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are tons of ways to make a statement in your living room without breaking the bank – or your back. Switch up your use of furniture and create a space you’ll really be proud of.