No matter your budget, keeping your bathroom looking modern and fresh is easy to accomplish. From simply switching up the towels to replacing the fixtures and floors, sprucing up your bathroom is a great way to keep your entire home looking at its best for 2020.

Switch up the lighting

Finding the right light fixtures and placing them in the correct place can be a difficult challenge, but it will make all the difference to the appearance of your space once you’ve got it right.
Switch up the lighting
Many people use their bathroom mirror for grooming purposes such as shaving and putting on make up. If your bathroom mirror is highlighting any imperfections and you find yourself avoiding it, it’s time to address the situation. Try to avoid downlighting as well as fluorescent and yellow lighting as they can be extremely harsh and unflattering. Instead, opt for bright bulbs labelled 4000K to 6500K as these will help you to best mimic natural daylight.

Rethinking where your lights are placed will also help create a more modern look. Try introducing lights above your shower area, a typically neglected area of the bathroom when it comes to lighting. Not only will it make bathing easier, it will also brighten up the entire room, adding some energy to a tired space.

Swap your bath for a shower

Replacing bathtubs with walk-in showers is a popular option for those looking to optimise space and avoid a cluttered appearance. In fact, with research showing 57% of Britons prefer to take a shower compared to 32% preferring to have a bath, many are opting to replace their baths completely with a more sleek and sophisticated walk-in shower.

Using acrylic for your new shower screen is perhaps the best option as the material is easy to clean, keep free of scratches and is also extremely durable. In many cases, suppliers like Plastic Sheets Shop can cut the acrylic sheets to your exact requirements, ensuring they are the perfect size and ready to use as soon as they arrive.

For those not ready to give up their bathtub but would like to make their space more modern, switching your shower curtain for a bath screen is a great, inexpensive, alternative.

Attention to detail

Details are important when it comes to modernising your space. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter and keep products and appliances such as hairdryers tucked away. To help with this, invest in some modern storage options such as shelves and baskets, or even a new bathroom cabinet.

A new towel rail or towel ring will help massively in brightening up your bathroom; try going for one with a matte, brass or wood finish as these are particularly trendy materials for 2020. Add some new fluffy towels to this and you will instantly see a huge difference to your space.
Attention to detail
Refreshing your accessories such as toothpaste holders and soap dispensers is another effortless way to keep your bathroom looking fresh and up to date. These are things that are often overlooked but will make all the difference in making your bathroom feel like new.

Another huge bathroom trend for 2020 is to add a bit of greenery. Whether you decide to opt for a small artificial plant on the windowsill, or a large statement tree next to the sink, this is an easy way for anyone to update their space. The warmth and humidity of your bathroom will also work wonders for your plants, an added bonus for those who struggle to keep anything green alive!

Introduce new tiles

Statement tiles are all the rage for 2020 and are a great way to add a bit of colour and interest to your bathroom. Whether you opt for a bold colour or an intricate pattern, updating your tiles is an effortless way to help keep your space up to date.

Tiles can also be used to create illusions, making your space look bigger and brighter. For example, diagonal tiles can elongate short walls, while shinier tiles can help reflect light around the room.

This trend is also extremely accessible to anyone no matter their budget. If you have a low budget you can opt for tile stickers in trendy patterns to stick over your old ones. Another way to cheaply introduce new tiles to your bathroom might be to only place them on small areas of space, for example over the sink or on the shower floor. Remember, less is more!

Updating fixtures

For those with a larger budget and looking to drastically update their space, opting for modern fixtures is a no brainer when it comes to updating your space. There are many options trending for 2020, meaning that everybody can find something perfect for their tastes!

A great way to make your space feel bigger and modernised is to go for a wall-mounted or floating sink. Compared to bulky vanities, they are easier to keep clean and will also make the room feel less cluttered, an added bonus for smaller bathrooms.
Updating fixtures
Perhaps the biggest continuing trend for the new year is to implement brass or gold throughout your bathroom in the form of door handles, taps, toilet flushes and shower heads. Doing this doesn’t always mean you need to replace the sink and toilet however, making it a quick and easy way to instantly brighten up the room.

For those looking to update their bathroom in 2020, these tips reveal just how easy it can be! From replacing baths, sinks and toilets to simply adding a potted plant, anyone is capable of refreshing their bathroom space no matter the budget.