Natural materials like wood become more extinct and more precious each year. Items made of it now look way more stylish and posh. What about having your mouse pad, your study furniture, or even your world map wooden? Here are the ideas to restyle your home with a little wood and a little imagination.

Wooden Study

Have you ever dreamed of being like one of the old times’ novelists or scientists? A wooden study is a great way to feel like one. The walls can be of any material you like, but what about anything else, like:

  • Desk;
  • Chairs;
  • Computer chair;
  • Bookshelves;
  • Stationery holders.

All of these can be more than just wooden but really period-styled. If you find your inspiration in creations and creators of the past, this will reconnect you with them through the centuries.

You don’t have to opt for everything listed. Even one element will be enough to reshape the way you see your study. But then (I bet!) you will want to complete the experience, so you will add more and more wooden elements and other old-time stuff.

World Map on the Wall

Having a map on the wall is an old fashion. But now you can have a wooden one made of pieces which reflect continents and islands, with current borders and names on them. This map may be tricky to install (though there are manuals for that), but when placed correctly, it will become a real wow. This is the map you can point your finger at and show any corner of the world. And its precision impresses as an art in its own right. Again, it will make you feel like an old-time politician, general, or navy commander.

These maps come in lots of options. They can be made of various woods, reflect the whole world or certain regions or countries, show borders only or names as well, and so on. You can choose your most necessary option, but it’s, first of all, a decor thing.

Wooden Frames for Everything

What can you put into a wooden frame? The most obvious idea is a mirror on the wall (though for your bathroom, you need to make sure the wood is impregnated to resist moisture). You can also put photographs and paintings into these frames. If you have some posters, they will also benefit from these.

Of course, these frames need to be handled properly. Choose fireproof ones, protected from natural dangers like moisture or insects. Luckily, nowadays, it’s not an issue. And if you are a tech-head, why not make a frame for your TV or a home assistant tablet? By the way, about smart devices…

Wooden Accessories for Smart Devices

Walls and furniture have no wow effect anymore. But what about a dock station or just a stand for your smartphone? You can use wireless charging through wooden plates unless they are too thick. A gaming surface can be made of wood, as well as a monitor stand with an organizer for wires. There are even wooden keyboards and monitor cases, though this may seem too much.

And, of course, there are laptop bed tables and docking stations made of wood, and one can be enough to change your working experience. They can even have a built-in drawer for accessories and a cooler for your laptop. If you already have a wooden study, this will be a piece of it to take anywhere out.

Anything Rough

You don’t have to be Lady Gaga to like it rough. What about a stump you use as a bed table? Smaller stumps can serve as chairs. A plain piece of wood on the wall is great to burn or draw an image or text on it. As Halloween approaches, you can take some large slices and paint them orange, so they look like pumpkins (but take much less space). You can even hollow up a trunk and put a candle in it, making it a chandelier (though not the safest one). Indeed, this ruffstyle is inviting you into the DIY domain where it takes more taste than skill to create things. There is no limit to your imagination!