Pests have now become an apparent existence of our daily lives because no matter how hard we try to shut them out, these sneaky creatures still find a way into our homes. But, it is essential to eliminate the presence of these buggers because they can cause severe damage to your health and property.

Some pests are relatively naïve, but some species like bed bugs can prove to be a handful as they have the potential to wreak havoc on your home. It would help if you did not try to handle bed bugs on your own because they are incredibly difficult to tackle, and you can end up worsening the situation.

You would be better off if you call competent residential pest control services to tackle this problem, but before that, you need to validate the existence of bed bugs. Therefore, we have listed here six alarming signs of bed bugs that you should always take seriously.

1. A live bed bug:

A live bed bug
The infestation does not get more evident than when you spot a live bed bug in all its glory. Bed bugs vary in size, but most of them have reddish-brown tinge on their skin and have a flat-oval shape. Therefore, if you observe an insect that matches these attributes and is located in the dark near the seat or mattress, then be sure that you have bed bugs in your home.

2. Itchy red blotches:

If you have woken up and your body is flooded with welts and itchy red spots, then it may be due to the bed bugs at work. Therefore, keep taking a close look at your body because their bites do not hurt as they inject anesthesia while biting.

3. Tiny blood spots on your bedsheet and pillowcases:

If your bed is infested with bedbugs, then you may end squashing some while sleeping, which will create small blood spots right at the site. Therefore, if you observe such spots on your bedding, then it is time to schedule a thorough inspection.
Tiny blood spots on your bedsheet and pillowcases

4. Existence of rust-colored spots:

If you happen to observe rust-colored spots on your bedding or sofa cushions or anywhere in the home, then it may indicate the presence of bedbugs because their fecal stains are rusty in color. They also emanate an extremely unpleasant smell, which is also an evident sign of bedbugs in your home.

5. Spotting of exoskeletons:

Bed bugs traverse through their lifecycles such that they shed their exoskeletons once a week, which can be readily observable once it starts to stash up. Therefore, if you happen to observe tan-colored skin cells stashing up near the cracks and crevices, then you must call a pest control service for inspection.

6. Existence of tiny white spots:

Bed bugs lay eggs in their favorite hiding spots like mattresses, sofa seats, car seats, and in other places with cracks and crevices. They have a white-ish color, and if you observe something similar, take quick action because if not controlled, these eggs will multiply and hatch uncontrollably.
Existence of tiny white spots
Therefore, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, act decisively and launch a thorough crackdown by hiring professional pest control services.