More often than not, the dining rooms are the most popular room in the home so it only makes sense that you put some effort when buying dining chairs.

Dining rooms are really various in terms of shapes and sizes and the chairs become the most important element in the dining space. Is it comfortable enough? Does it have the right height for the table you’re using? Is the fabric long lasting?

As you can see, there are many things to take into consideration when buying dining chairs. Even if the matchy-matchy principle isn’t fundamental anymore (the mix-it-up trends are quite the range for some time now), you still need to give it a thought when selecting the dining chairs.

Let’s do it meticulously and list the things that count the most when selecting the chairs for your dining room:

The level of comfort

The level of comfort
Unfortunately, it’s quite common for customers to forget about the comfort and focus only on the colour of the chairs when selecting. No matter how much the looks and design count for you, a dining chair should be a lot more than meets the eye.

Here are some things to keep in mind about that:

  • Don’t get anything smaller than 17in x20in
  • Measure the chair’s width at its widest point. this should be the seat or the backrest (it depends on the style)
  • If the chair come with arms, you should add 6in. when you don’t have enough space, stay away from chairs with arms

An armless dining chair should be 22in wide and 24 in deep for providing the best comfort
Toddlers, pregnant women, older people or people having knee conditions are going to need chairs with arms. This type of chairs offers good support and protection for them.

The dining room is typically a pretty busy area, so you may need the movement to be rather clean. You should get chairs that make it easy for you to clean under the dining table.

12in between the tabletop and the chair seat provides nice seating and enough legroom. Don’t rule out the chairs with come with upholstered seats that compress while you’re sitting. Look for the chairs with inclined backrests and padding/upholstered- they’re more comfortable.

Ease of move

Ease of move
No matter the final decision, you should always go with chairs that are easy to move around the house. this is fundamental especially if you’re going to use them elsewhere. For one, you may have to use them as extra seating when the options in your living room aren’t enough.

The chairs with open backrests are a versatile option. Not only that they eliminate the visual clutter, but they also ensure good support. Plastic moulded chairs are easy to grip on and you may use them for kids or pets. Even if stability is great, a solid back/heavy-duty chair is going to be a lot more difficult to move around the house.

Either way, you should avoid the chairs that cut into one’s back. the chairs that are partially upholstered may work as you can pick them up by the elbow.

Matching the lifestyle

Matching the lifestyle
Are you hosting grand banquets regularly? Do you like the laid-back meal-times instead? the chairs should match your lifestyle, for sure.

Formal settings require high back chairs, whereas the low back style is better for a casual feel in your dining room. A delicate design or open back chairs are going to help a small room look a lot more spacious. By contrary, a voluminous chair is going to work in a large space a lot better. there are many tips to keep in mind when selecting the style of your dining chairs, and if you are looking for an expert to guide you thru your choices, we recommend you to visit Furnily website.

Don’t go for the traditional style? Take the plunge with some extravagant end chairs and some side chairs too. You’re going to create a semi-formal dining setup that works great for many rooms.

Go with stability

Go with stability
No matter the design or the material, your dining chairs should stand firmly on their feet. No wobbling under tension is ideal.

Wooden dining chairs are a common choice and they surpass the metal ones in terms of durability. Chairs made by experienced craftsmen take the test of durability for sure. Stay away from the splinters, glued pieces and the snags.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance
the dining chairs are going to say a lot about the feel you’re trying to create in the dining area. Metal is going to add lightness and sheen, whereas rattan leaves a tropical feel in any room. There’s nothing like the organic and warm feel that wood is offering, right?

Do you have kids, pets or…both? The dining chairs are going to have to take a lot of wear and tear. Non-upholstered chairs and chairs with less fabric are your no.1 choice as they’re so easy to clean.

Tufted leather, cotton blends and Sunbrella fabrics are also a versatile choice as they’re easy to take care of. Cleaning the food stains or drool shouldn’t be complicated. If you’re determined to use velvet chairs, it’s wiser to get some slipcovers as well. it’s going to be better in the long run.

With wood being the most common choice for dining chairs, bear in mind that it’s going to change colour over time. it’s the same for the glass textures that never look good with fingerprint stains.

As for metal, make sure that it’s rust-resistant so that you may clean it with a damp cloth.

Mix it up

Mix it up
Gone are the days when the dining chairs would match the dining tables; it’s all about chairs that complement the table right now. Even if this sounds a bit intimidating for some, it’s easier than you’d think. focus on one common element (colour, style, shape, leg style, height, material) that will unite the chairs together or relates somehow with the dining table.

Do you have some mismatched geometric chairs? Paint them in the same colour or use the same fabric when upholstering them.

If you go for a specific colour/material, get chairs that come with a different backrest design. Using furniture from different periods is not as difficult as you may think. for instance, you can combine an antique table with some attractive mid-century chairs just fine. Sure, similar elements make the combo work a lot better too (similar style for the legs, for example).