Japanese houses have a distinctive style for home decor. Their house designs influenced by their traditions and culture make their houses unique in any way. Most of their home accessories are incorporated with woodworks and have a minimalistic approach. 

The housing price in the cities is pricier than in the countryside: so they would prefer furniture and room space with a dual purpose. If you are interested in Japanese interior designs, here are some cool ideas that add Japanese style to your abode.

Japanese Home Decor for the Entrance

If you have been to Japan, one thing you would see in the house entryway would be shelves where they can place their shoes after removing them. They would put indoor slippers for them and their visitors too. It is one Japanese culture that has been the practice over the decades. 

They are known to be clean and well mannered. Adding shoe shelves in your houses is a better way to imitate Japanese styles. Think of it as a way of maintaining the cleanliness in your home. Start it with your entryway.

Plants as House Decor

One of the significant home accessories in a Japanese house is plants.  Bonsai and bamboo plants can be seen in some Japanese traditional homes. Japanese have great respect for nature: so you would see most of these plants inside their home. 

Just remember that you don’t need to have colourful or extravagant plants. You can choose simple with the natural green that’s close to nature’s colour. The presence of life and green environment symbolizes Japanese style.

Japanese Flooring

Japanese flooring is also unique but functional.  The tatami mats are used on their floors. What are tatami mats? What does it look like? Tatami mats are traditional flooring for Japanese homes. 

They are made from rush and cloth. They are woven together, so it’s durable. They look so neat and clean. You can add Japanese tatami in your bedroom to create Japanese vibes. Just remember to wear indoor slippers or walk barefooted inside the room to maintain its cleanliness.

Lighting in Japanese

A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, study room, and even the living room is something worth trying. Lighting contributes to this kind of style. The Japanese house interior has a solemn ambience. 

Trying out pendant lights, bamboo lamps, or tatami lamps would be the best option to achieve the kind of look. You can also opt into bamboo chandeliers that illuminate your kitchen and living room area.

Japanese-Style Bed

Tatami mats can be ideal for the bedroom floor; how about for the bed? As for the bedroom area, you can use a bed made out of wood or with bamboo details. Most Japanese would lie down on the floor with a thick mattress. 

You can try it out too. One reason they would put tatami mats on their floor is for them to lie down at night time and make use of the entire room for another purpose in the day time. The minimalistic approach of the Japanese is helpful for them to save time and money. 

They would not clutter up, so they would use furniture that has a dual purpose. Some examples are a chair that can turn into a table, a sofa bed that can serve as a drawer, and a lot more furniture that you can see in the Japanese house. 

Japanese-Style Curtains

Another way you can add a Japanese touch to your home would be the curtains. There are available printed curtains made from different fabrics; you can search at Yorkshire Fabric shop trends online. 

Printed cherry blossoms, printed bamboo, or other traditional prints are a better choice. Fabric-like linen and cotton could be ideal for you.

To Conclude

Japanese styles are exceptional and unique; having them as inspirations in your house allows you to accept diversities and even teach your family members or children to respect different cultures and traditions. 

Welcoming every idea in different parts of the world is highly acceptable in today’s era. There’s no harm in trying. If you feel like trying different styles, go for it. Don’t be afraid to experiment. See the beauty of different cultures at home.