Most dorm rooms are boring living spaces. They are far from being glamorous, especially in terms of décor. It is often bare, but that does not mean that you should just live with it. Spice up your personal space! Take note of our recommendations below on how you can decorate your dorm room!

Add a Photo Book


Your study table does not have to be uninteresting. To make it more exciting, make your own photo book to give your table more personality, similar to how a coffee table book can add elegance to a living room. The photo book is also a step up above the traditional photo album. When you miss your family and friends, you can open the photo book and you will be instantly reminded of all the good times.

Design with Wallpapers

Gorgeous wallpaper designs can make a statement room. It is more versatile than paint because it is easy to remove and replace if you want a new look for your dorm room. Choose colors and patterns depending on the ambiance that you want for your dorm room. If you want it to be a happy place, pick bright colors and eclectic designs.

Light It Up

Lighting is one of the most practical pieces that you can have in your dorm room. Find a light that combines both form and function. From a table lamp to wall sconces, choose lamps that will add a decorative touch to your living room. It will create a more dramatic and relaxing ambiance.

Get Inspired


When decorating your dorm room, do not just choose stuff that looks good. Instead, look for ones that will be inspiring as well. It is good to have a motivational poster. You can also display photos of family and friends so that you will stay inspired.

Add a Houseplant

You don’t need to build a garden. A single houseplant will be enough. The best indoor plants will not only be decorative, but they can also help filter contaminants and improve indoor air quality. Pick plants that do not require a lot in terms of maintenance while adding a decorative element in any space. Some of the best plants to have in your dorm room include snake plant, peace lily, pothos, and spider plant.

Decorate with Fairy String Lights

Do you want to transform your dorm room into a magical space? You can never go wrong with fairy string lights. Hang it above your bed and you will feel like you are sleeping under the stars. Wire-strung fairy lights can also elevate the look of your study nook while giving your space a hint of coziness. You can also hang pictures in a clothesline and decorate with fairy lights.

From a custom photo book to string lights, take note of our recommendations above to take your dorm to the next level. These decorating hacks will give your living space more personality.