Garages provide a house with many benefits, they increase the square footage of your property, provide valuable additional storage space and a home for that beloved family car. However, a faulty or poorly maintained garage door can provide would-be thieves with access to your home. A burglar will consider a garage door that is in poor condition a green light to attack your home. When you are considering the security of your home you must take into account you’re garage door. 

One way of ensuring your garage does not become an entry point for thieves is to ensure that it is kept well maintained and in good condition at all times. This means that as soon as you spot an issue you should engage a professional to carry out garage door repairs in Wigan or wherever you are in the UK as quickly as possible. 

A secure and well-maintained garage door will benefit your property both in terms of security and aesthetics. Securing your garage door can be done in many different ways, from selecting a suitable garage door to adding extra security options such as a remote control facility. So, to help we have listed 5 ways to upgrade the security of your garage door. 

Choose A Secure Garage Door 

When selecting a new garage door for your property it is advisable to choose one that is strong and resilient. The strongest garage doors tend to be constructed from steel or insulated aluminium. It is also important to ensure you fit a quality locking system to your garage door. You can do this by ensuring the locks you choose conforms to British Standards. Substandard locks can be forced easily and are often targeted by would-be intruders. If your budget allows it may be worth considering remote-controlled locks as they usually provide enhanced security for your garage. 

Add Motion Sensor Lighting 

Another way to increase the security of your garage door is by installing motion sensor lighting nearby. Once any presence is detected in the area it will be flooded by light. This is an obvious deterrent to thieves as they prefer to carry out their activities under the cover of darkness. As most break-ins are opportunist crimes any visible deterrent will usually be enough to ensure thieves give your property a wide berth. 

Fit a Garage Shield  

To further improve your garage door security installing a garage shield is recommended. Many thieves look to enter through your garage door by wedging the top panel open with something as simple as a coat hanger to gain access to the emergency release cord within. A garage shield is a small device made from recycled plastic that protects a garage’s locking mechanism by preventing thieves from reaching the release cord.

Ensure Your Alarm System Covers Your Garage Door

You would be surprised how many people when installing an alarm system fail to include their garage. If you fit an alarm to the home always make sure you include your garage space within the area covered. By fitting an alarm you can ensure your garage door has maximum security and make your home as secure as possible. 

Install Gates At The Entrance To Your Property

Having a good set of strong gates at the entranceway to your home is a great way to deter would-be thieves. Simply installing an extra barrier means the thieves would have an extra obstacle to overcome. You could install electric gates in Edinburgh or any other part of the world and it would not only improve the security of your home but also help to improve the curb appeal. 

Regular Garage Door Maintenance 

Garage doors like anything else can suffer from natural wear and tear and accidental damage. Once a garage door suffers any kind of damage it can become vulnerable. One way to avoid this is to ensure you carry out regular maintenance on your garage doors. Most garage door companies will offer maintenance plans and while you may see it as an unnecessary cost it can save you money. It is also important to deal with any damage quickly by undertaking garage door repairs quickly to ensure your garage door remains secure at all times. 

The list above is by no means a definitive one, however, it highlights some ways in which you can ensure your garage doesn’t become a weak spot in the security of your home.