A good night’s sleep is a key to so much that is beneficial to your general wellbeing: your mental health, a way to help calm your anxiety, aid you in any weight loss efforts, and more. Without enough sleep, you might suffer through a great deal of pain and sluggish exhaustion for longer than you should, proving a detriment to your health. If you are currently having trouble getting to sleep or sleeping through the night without waking up constantly, then the following tips may help improve the quality of your rest considerably. 

1. Essential Oils

First, you need to prepare your mind and body for sleep. Essential oil blends containing lavender and chamomile or bergamot, for example, can help you relax considerably. You can take any one of these oils or purchase online which has the best blends of your favourite essential oils.a blend containing the most important element, lavender – and rub it around your temples, wrists, and collarbones. If an oil sounds a little messy, you can easily purchase a balm version of these ancient remedies in little tins that are easy to apply right before you go to bed without the mess. You can also check out different essential oil blends from Revive for a variety of therapeutic experiences.

Another way to use essential oils in a manner that would help enhance your sleep environment is to use a diffuser. If you use just two or three drops in your diffuser before going to bed, that could make a world of difference to help reduce your anxiety and allow you to get a good night of sleep.

2. Get a Better Pillow

It’s easy to think that any simple pillow will do. In reality, a bad pillow can make things very difficult for you since it will impact your neck and hurt your ability to get comfortable enough to relax. As the expert makers behind the Kakun Organic Shredded Latex Pillow will tell you, the materials that make up your pillow, and its shape, can greatly affect the quality of your sleep. Also, keep in mind that if you are a side sleeper or tend to sleep on your stomach or back most of the night, you may need to invest in a pillow that will help accommodate your shape and how you move around throughout the night.

3. Get More Exercise

Getting a decent amount of exercise every day can make it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep restfully for hours at a time. Exercise can benefit your health in different ways, and it is especially helpful in adjusting your sleep patterns. However, the timing of when exactly you exercise can make a big difference as well: sweat it out too late in the day, and you may have too much adrenaline to fall asleep. Try to practice either earlier in the morning, or later midday, and you will find that you will be able to sleep better. Exercise is a good way of managing your anxiety, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep once you’re ready to go to bed. So if you’re the type of person who stays up worrying a great deal, then try to circumvent that by getting some exercise. 

4. Establish a Routine

A big part of being able to sleep better is establishing a routine through which your brain can associate a nightly ritual to help you prepare for a night’s rest. You need to create a more disciplined approach that will help your body and mind delineate clearly between work and the time to rest. For example, an hour before going to bed, take a break from your screen, settle in with a good book, use an essential oil balm or oil diffuser to help you relax, and try not to eat anything heavy beforehand. A piece of fruit or something high in protein like a peanut butter sandwich should do the trick. 

5. Change Your Mattress and Purchase Comfortable Sheets

In the same way that a bad pillow can aggravate any issues you may have in being able to sleep well, a bad mattress can make it incredibly difficult for you to get the rest you need. If it is lumpy, or the coils are creaky and irritating, then consider upgrading your mattress. Your back and tired limbs will thank you. 

Likewise, there is a reason why Egyptian cotton sheets with a high thread count are such a covetable item. They are some of the comfiest sheets you will ever sleep on and will help ease you into a long and deep sleep. However, they can also be terribly expensive. Still, getting a nice pair of soft sheets can help create a calm and relaxing environment that will ensure you get a good night of sleep. If you don’t have the budget to purchase sheets made of Egyptian cotton, then no worries: pretty much any set of fresh, soft sheets will do. Changing the mattress and investing in some new sheets can help set the stage for a more comfortable night of sleep. 

6. Sleep at a Set Time

Again, part of the trick to being able to sleep well is to trick your brain into knowing that a particular time is when you need to unwind and get rest. It can be tempting to stay up too late on a weekend and then hit snooze the following day till the workweek resumes, but this ultimately becomes a form of self-sabotage. Try as much as you can to stick to a sleeping schedule, and train your body and brain to be well acquainted with it. Much in the same way that your internal clock sets you up to automatically wake up at the time you usually need to get ready for work, train yourself to sleep at a particular time so that you can get a good night’s sleep.  

Sleep deprivation can lead to a whole plethora of health issues but mentally and physically. You are probably tired of having to be on edge during the day, sluggishly making your way through work, only to go home and not sleep four hours, then repeat. Try to break the cycle and prioritize adjusting your sleep matters to maintain good health.