You will agree with me that a bathroom one of the places to relax and rejuvenate after a long day at work. But do you know that even though your bathroom design can be spa-like and fancy, it is still a room where more unsavory human businesses are carried out? This can result in bad odors in the bathroom over time.

Even though having odors in your bathroom may not be a big deal to you and your family, it can be embarrassing when you host a guest. Do you want a lovely bathroom smell?

Relax as there are several ways to prevent and knock-out bad odors from your bathroom. Read on!

Regular Cleaning Works

Regular Cleaning Works
When the countertop, sink, toilet bowl, and shower or bath are dirty, have stains, and accumulates material that is sticky, or greasy it can cause your bathroom to smell bad.

Bathroom trash can may also be a culprit. So, when a toilet gives a bad odor, it is sometimes a way of telling you: “hey buddy, I need some cleaning because I am dirty.”

Cleaning your bathroom regularly can make it less smelly. When should you clean your bathroom? Once a week will do, and you should also give it a thorough cleaning once every month. This will not only reduce the odor but also be good general maintenance and keep you and your family healthy.

Dirty and Wet Towels are Culprit! Keep Them Clean And Dry

Most of us have the habit of leaving a damp towel in the bathroom after a shower. Do you know that this causes bacteria and fungi to breed in the towel fibers and then produce bad odors in the bathroom? Keeping the towel dry after a shower by spreading it out and ensuring your towel is washed when dirty can be the ideal solution for your smelly bathroom.

Good Ventilation is the key

If your bathroom smells bad and you allow fresh air to enter it, you will notice a big difference in how much it smells. There are two ways to go about this. When the bathroom is not in use, keep the window and door open. Secondly, you can install a working vent fan. Take note that if you know how to vent your bathroom fan, it will not only eliminate and control the odors of your bathroom but also remove moisture out of the bathroom.

Use Air Freshener, Purifier, Or Diffuser

Use Air Freshener, Purifier, Or Diffuser
These days investing in diffusers, purifiers, or air fresheners are not very costly – so invest in one. They are perfect for a bathroom that lacks very good air circulation.

If you are prone to allergies, air purifiers can be a perfect option. Also, the essential oils for diffusers can make your bathroom smell nice – there are different varieties depending on what you want.

As mentioned before, using air fresheners can also get rid of the odor. However, it is not the healthiest way to remove odors from your bathroom. Although, natural air fresheners are a better option, ensure you use only a short spray to avoid endangering your health, pet, and family.

Give The Natural Ways A Shot

There are a lot of natural fixes you can use to get rid of bathroom odors. One of the best ways is using baking soda or/and vinegar. You can also use activated carbon. They help to absorb bad odors. You can mix both (baking soda and vinegar) or pour each in a bowl separately and set it in the bathroom. Alternatively, you can pour some vinegar in the toilet tank.

Other ways

Other ways
Apart from the five ways to reduce the bad odor mentioned above, there are some other ways. These are:

  • Unclogging the drain and cleaning out the pipes by flushing it with hot water and adding vinegar.
  • Invest in desiccants especially if mildew is the culprit. It will absorb the moisture and prevent the growth of mildew thereby reducing the bad odor.


As long as you use your bathroom, there is the chance that you will experience unpleasant odors in it. But, with the different ways to make a bathroom scent good mentioned above, you can banish the questionable bathroom smell for good.