In today’s modern world, homeowners want their spaces to have style, substance, and personality. Instead of using completely new materials in your home’s construction, renovations, and remodels, you may consider sustainable building materials, such as reclaimed or salvaged wood, to customize your space.

The wood is eco-friendly and supports the reduce, reuse, and recycle policy. The reclaimed wood’s weathering and texture adds a sense of character and depth that can’t match with new materials. You can also use it as an enchanting focal point in your modern home. This article outlines six ways to use reclaimed wood in your home.


Accent ceilings usually create depth and contrast by adding texture. Salvaged wood qualifies as an ideal material for making a sophisticated, rustic wood ceiling for a flat, barrel, or vaulted ceiling. Barnwood ceilings have a specific aesthetic look and appeal from reclaimed wood salvaged from old barns, factories, mills, ships, and more. Salvaged wood is usually quite old, and its aged appearance on ceiling panels adds warmth, character, and history to a room. Using this Reclaimed Wood Ceiling: DIY Installation Guide, you can install a reclaimed wood ceiling in your home yourself for a unique look.


Reclaimed wood flooring makes a beautiful addition to your modern new space. Consider a reclaimed floor from a factory or barn, such as old wide plank flooring, pine flooring in good condition, or vintage hardwood floors, which you can repurpose for a new home as wall paneling and flooring, and other reclaimed woodworks. The condition of the reclaimed wood you pick determines the finished appearance.

Recycled wood doors

Reclaimed wood doors designed by skilled craftsmen are an excellent way to replace your home’s hollow, flimsy doors. They come in various designs, including simple and intricate styles. You can use large-scale wooden doors from barns and sheds as sliding doors for your main bedroom or home office. These environmentally-friendly vintage doors give your plain door a sense of prominence and history to your home.

Accent wall

An accent wall is the easiest way to include a reclaimed wall in your home office space. It doesn’t disturb the room’s existing color palette or style, even when creating a focal point. Feature walls made from reclaimed wood let you add instinctive texture to a space influenced by polished glass, stone, and other artificial features. It’s crucial to note that reclaimed wood’s grain, color, and finish vary significantly, and the room’s existing color scheme dictates your wood choice.


Reclaimed wood and metal pipes come together to create bespoke shelf styles and designs. These shelves are excellent for modern home offices. You may consider freestanding shelves or a plan that offers you great flexibility and redecorate or fixed shelves offering more with regards to space-savvy design and storage space.

Home office desks

If you don’t have the necessary DIY skills to make reclaimed wood home office desks, a local artisan can help get the job done. Reclaimed wood allows you to create outstanding office desks with the ergonomics and style you need. Consider matching cabinets and shelves from a similar wood for a more coherent and curated home office while giving it a distinct style.


Reclaimed wood is an excellent way to add warmth, style, and personality while customizing your space. Consider these ways to use reclaimed wood in your home.