Many homeowners may realize that they require a roof replacement when they notice a leak in their ceiling. A water leak can result in various roofing issues. However, certain factors influence whether you’ll be required to repair the roof or will necessitate an entire roof replacement. The following indications may be a sign that your roof needs replacement.


If your existing asphalt shingle roof is over twenty years old, you may need replacement. It also depends if you have one layer of shingles and if the roof is adequately ventilated. If the existing roof was installed on top of several other layers that are older than twenty years, then the chances are good that the roof must be replaced.

Buckling Or Curling Shingles

This is another indication that you need a new roof. Have a look at the slopes of your roof, especially sections that are exposed to direct sunlight. If the shingles appear curled or lack granules, it means that the shingles have reached their life expectancy. This could also mean that the roof is defective. You can check with a Cypress roofing contractor to determine whether you are eligible for reimbursement.

Roof Valleys

If your roof has missing shingles or they the existing shingles are falling apart, this is a definite indication that you require a new roof. Valleys are one of the predominant areas on a roof since rain and snow flow through the valleys into your gutters. If a valley is defective, it could mean your roof is exposed, and it can lead to leaks.

Missing Shingles

Missing Shingles
Check if the shingle tables are all intact. If not, then the roof is failing.

Chimney Flashing

Another area of concern, especially if you have flashing that’s made of tar or cement. In such a case, the long-term solution would be to replace it with a water-tight metal flashing system.

Shingle Granules Present In Gutters

If there are the presence of shingle granules in the gutters, then it is an indication that your shingles are past their life cycle. Darker or inconsistent coloring on the roof is also an indication of granules that are wearing away.

Noticing Daylight Coming Through The Roof Boards

Noticing Daylight Coming Through The Roof Boards
When you see your roof has a spongy or bouncy feel when walking on it, it indicates that the decking underneath is weakened as a result of moisture. If you notice sunlight seeping through the roof boards in the attic, it may be possible that there is moisture in the insulation.


A roof has the primary function of protecting the home and its occupants from outside elements and must, therefore, endure substantial wear and tear in the process. Harsh weather like hailstorms and strong winds can lead to extensive damage in a roof and place the structural integrity of your home in jeopardy. Roof replacement is an expensive process but is something that homeowners must do at least once or twice during their lifetimes. The best method of ensuring a long life for the roof as well as minimizing costly repairs, it to perform routine maintenance.