When it comes to installing new bay windows, you have many interesting options. To see what fits better in your case, answer the following seven questions.

1. Why would you buy windows like that?

The most important thing is that they are large and wide. And that means they allow a lot of natural light into your house.

This in turn reduces the need for the lights on.

2. How are the windows supported?

These window systems must be supported either from below with braces or from above with steel cables fixed to the overhead framing.

3. Will it be warm in the house where such windows are installed?

Of course it will! And even more, you can save on electricity, because these windows don’t let the heat out by keeping it inside.

Also bay windows will protect you from dust, noise and unpleasant odors.

4. Can you sit on the bay?

This window structure consists of three angled panes of glass. They are designed to protrude farther from the house.

You can use the created space at your discretion: to create a cosy place where you can read a book or just chill and relax with your family.

5. Is that traditional or modern design?

Rather, it should be called universal. Although some people call such models traditional and even obsolete, there are in fact many modern bay windows designs that will decorate any dwelling.

6. Do such window systems add value to the whole house?

Bay windows do increase the market value of any house, as they provide more daylight and good ventilation, as well as a great view of the surrounding environment or other buildings near your home.

7. How much do these windows cost?

The cost of such a project will depend on several factors: the company that will realize your order, the size of the window systems, the design, the chosen fittings, etc.

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