Natural gas always takes the lead in the search for alternative energy sources that burn cleaner and provide affordable heating, cooling, and cooking capabilities for homes. Canada has an abundant supply of natural gas, which makes it one of the most affordable energy resources on the market. Below are seven reasons why gas is the best alternative energy source.

Domestic Availability and Abundance

Domestic Availability and Abundance
Unlike some energy resources, natural gas is in great abundance within Canada and doesn’t have to be imported or otherwise generated. It’s available in larger quantities than ever before. No matter how far out in the provinces you decide to call home, a natural gas source is nearby.

Cleaner Fuel for Your Home

Home heating using equipment that burns oil or wood can be messy and releases a ton of carbon into your house and the environment. Natural gas has earned the reputation of being one of the cleanest burning fuels available. You can feel good about the air you breathe.

Cleaner Fuel for the Environment

Natural gas is the perfect choice in home energy for those concerned about the health and wellbeing of the environment. Not only does the use of oil products and wood choke the environment through carbon emissions, but the use of electric is just as bad. Most electricity is generated by the burning of coal. It’s one of the largest culprits when it comes to air pollution. Switch to the cleaner alternative.

Lower Energy Costs

Lower Energy Costs
The cost of providing energy to keep your house warm or to heat your water can cost remarkably less when using natural gas. Current Alberta natural gas prices are typically running well below three cents per day for general use in your home. The prices are fixed and monitored if you choose to opt into regulated services.

More Dependable Energy Source

The news is filled with power outage and grid-down events nearly every day. Some have been extensive and involving entire countries. Depending on electricity to heat your home can be a huge mistake if the grid fails during the cold winter months. Natural gas will offer you a steady supply of heating fuel regardless of electrical service availability.

Underground Infrastructure Makes Natural Gas Service Nearly Storm-Proof

Unlike electrical lines, natural gas lines run primarily underground. It makes them one of the most protected sources of energy you can have, even during tremendously powerful storms. Natural gas will make it safely to your home during some of the worst blizzards or rain events.

Switching to Natural Gas Creates Jobs

Switching to Natural Gas Creates Jobs
The need will always exist for electricity to power televisions, cell phones, laptops, and lights. Switching to natural gas for your other home energy needs can help create needed jobs within your community. It’s another way you can feel great about saving money on energy costs and putting more money into your local economy.

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