The cost associated with repairing or replacing a roof can be a colossal expense that most people can’t afford. But if you spend a few hours now and again to carry out periodic maintenance, it can help with diagnosing roof problems and address them before they escalate into a significant issue.

1. Roof Shingles

Keep an eye out for marred or missing shingles and roof sealant. Cleaning them and keeping them free from dirt can lower the risk of moss, algae, lichen, and fungal growth that can influence the integrity of your roof. If you notice any worn, missing or damaged shingles, you must act immediately. You can replace them yourself if you are handy with DIY tasks around the house, or you can engage the assistance of a professional contractor. Replacing only a few shingles at a time is much more cost-effective than having to replace or repair the entire roof later.
Roof Shingles

2. Sealant

It is necessary to replace roof sealant. Inspect all areas of your roof where the sealant is present to locate any signs of wear and tear or to crack. If so, you’ll need to eradicate the old sealant and completely reseal those areas.

3. Trim Away Overhanging Tree Branches

When you carry out routine inspection on our roof, be vigilant about trees that grow in the vicinity. The branches which are hanging above or close to roofing Charleston SC will require trimming. Falling leaves can accumulate on the roof, retain moisture and start to rot on roof tiles, making them weaker. If it is not solved for a prolonged period, it may result in damage to the whole roof structure.

4. Inspecting For Rust

If your roof is constructed of any metallic parts, then you must regularly check for signs of rust or corrosion on the metal parts. If you notice any rust evolving, it is vital to wire-brush for removing the rust, apply prime and repaint the affected areas of metal to preserve them and make them last longer.

5. Cleaning The Gutters

Cleaning The Gutters
Clogged up gutters can lead to roof damage. The reason being water accumulation on gutters can penetrate underneath the roofing structure. By keeping your gutters well maintained and clean, you can ensure that they are serving the purpose they are intended for and alleviate any direct dangers to the roof in the process.

6. Maintaining Your Chimney

If you happen to observe any missing or cracked mortar inside or on your chimney, this must be replaced as quickly as you can. This is crucial since the mortar support the chimney bricks and ensure that they stay in place. If the bricks fall out, it can cause significant damage to the roof.

7. Averting Ice Dam Formation

Ice dam build-up can lead to extensive and costly repairs to your roof. Make sure your home and roof are adequately insulated to keep the roof cool and at a similar temperature than the outside environment. This will prevent the snow on the roof from melting and freezing onto the colder areas of the roof.