When you run a home you know there are certain times when you need to fix or repair items. Quite often jobs are small and quick, but, if you don’t have the correct tools you can find yourself struggling to complete even the simplest and quickest of jobs such as hanging a picture. As well as setting up your home you need to also set up a tool shed, garage, basement or outhouse that you can keep tools and equipment in. Borrowing equipment from friends and family may be OK to do on certain occasions, but you will quickly find that this is an inconvenience and quite frankly a lot of hassle each time you want to or need to use a tool. So, what tools should you have as a homeowner?

The Tools You Must Have

Time and time again you will use more tools than others and you will often find you have go-to tools that are multipurpose and multifunctional. The value of good quality tools cannot be underestimated. So, what basic tools should your home not be without?

Battery Powered Drill

A good drill can get you a long way. Whether you are hanging a mirror or hanging your kids’ school certificates you will want to ensure they are hung properly. The only way to properly hang items is to drill neat and tidy holes that have raw plugs in them. When it comes to deciding on a brand there are so many on offer from Makita to Dewalt and it would be best to read unbiased power tool reviews to gauge which make and model is right for you. As different drills come with different attachments you need to decide what you must have and what would be a luxury. Some drills come with additional features such as a hammer, so you have to consider if you need these extras or not as they will affect the price.

Wrench Set

Wrenches are used for everything from tightening leaking valves to removing rusty fixings. As there are lots of sizes of fittings there are also lots of sizes of wrenches, from little ¼ inch wrenches right up to 2 inches plus wrenches. It would be difficult and expensive to try and buy wrenches individually so you are best to invest in a set. A set of wrenches is more economical and theory often comes in good sturdy carry cases which ensure they stay safe and that you keep them all together in one place.


You probably already have the nails for hanging those little keepsakes but if you don’t have the hammer then the nails are of no use. A good hammer is sturdy and up to the job, but it is lightweight at the same time. When it is used for those renovation projects you need to pick a hammer you have to decide if you want a plastic handle or a wooden handle. The type of handle will not affect use but it will affect the user, so take time to hold some if you can and see what feels better and more comfortable.

Screwdriver Set

A good quality screwdriver set will provide screwdrivers for all uses and occasions from masonry screwdrivers down to electrical screwdrivers. A good set of screwdrivers should be seen as an investment as they will last and they will be used probably more than any other tool you purchase. With screwdrivers, you get what you pay for and if you buy cheap metal ones they will break and bend and you will end up needing to purchase new replacements sooner than you anticipated.


Whether you are hanging shelves or hanging a curtain pole you will need a level. Wonky fixtures look silly and while they may be a novelty at first they will soon get on your nerves and you will wish you had just invested in and used a level in the first instance. Levels come in all sizes, usually from 30cm right up to 3 metres. If you don’t want to invest in levels of all different sizes then go for the middle of the range and look at one that is around 1.8 metres long, this length should prove to be very useful.

All-purpose saw

A saw that cuts wood and metal would be ideal, but a saw that has interchangeable blades would be even better. A saw will come in handy for cutting down those shelves to make them fit, or cutting down that display unit you want to put in your dining room. The good thing is that saws are cheap and they can be kept in even the smallest of spaces.


Removing old fixings and old cables is a breeze when you use pliers. Having at least one set of pliers within your toolset is a must. There will be plenty of occasions when you need to remove raw plugs or even remove old rusty fixings. Pliers come in all different sizes and they can be thick or thin. Thin pointy nose pliers will most likely come in use and if you only want to purchase one pair you are better off getting thinner or slimmer ones.

Tape Measure

You cannot expect to do any DIY without accurate and spot-on measurements and to do these measurements you need to have a tape measure. From an all-purpose 3 meter mini measure to a jumbo 15 meter measure that is used for measuring rooms and layouts there is again a tape measure to suit all requirements and budgets. Obviously the longer the tape measure the bigger it will be and the more space it will take up so bear this in mind if you are working within a confined area.

When putting together a shopping list of tools it is essential to always take advantage of reviews and recommendations. You can save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money by seeing where problems lie and asking questions about products functionality and ease of use.