With Summer in the air and more and more people spending time in the outdoors, it can be the perfect time for revamping your outdoor space.

You don’t have to put too much money into this project. With a few tweaks and adding a few of these fun ideas to your design, you can transform your balcony, patio or garden area in the nick of time to have an outdoor space for all to enjoy.

1.Adding shade

Adding shade
Nothing says “relaxation” more than having a nice little shady spot in the garden. You can make your own tee-pee by planting wooden poles in the ground an using a couple of tent pins as anchors from the top of the poles to the ground.

2.Garden swing

Garden swing
A lovely hanging -chair or a homemade swing with sturdy ropes and a plank in your garden can bring out your inner child or provide a whimsical feature to your outdoor area.

3.Decorate your patio

Decorate your patio
Stained patio tiles or weathered decking can undergo an instant make-over by adding an outdoor rug to space and giving it a stylish finish. It can be highly beneficial to choose a carpet which is patterned on both sides so that once it starts fading, it can be flipped over on the other side.

4.Adding some light

Adding some light
An excellent way to give any outdoor space an immediate facelift is by adding colourful lanterns, recycled jam jars with tealight candles or buy festoon lighting online to give your area an inviting and festive look.

5.Repurposed pallets

Repurposed pallets
There are numerous inventive ways and ideas that you can explore online to use repurposed pallets to make your own outdoor furniture. Not only will this help saving you a fortune in having to buy outdoor tables and seating, but it can also give your furniture a unique and rustic appearance. Just make sure that no staples or nails are sticking out by giving them a quick sanding down and adding a coat or two of wood stain.

6.Making your own vegetable patch

Making your own vegetable patch
Have you been considering growing vegetables and adopting a more organic lifestyle? Then adding your own veggie patch is a great way of making this idea feasible. If you don’t have plenty of space, you can consider constructing your own raised bed by building a frame with wooden boards, adding a weed cloth and filling it with soil. A raised bed requires less maintenance and is more compact for smaller gardens.

7.Painting your outdoor furniture

Painting your outdoor furniture
You don’t have to restrict yourself to natural colours when it comes to outdoor furniture. You can instantly transform your outdoor furniture by adding a coat of vibrant paint to it, or you can even add a few potted plants to add some colour to your space.

8.Say it with cushions

Say it with cushions
Adding some trendy and durable cushions to your garden furniture can give it an instant refreshed look and is a more cost-effective way of revamping your space without breaking the bank.