Curb Appeal

Maybe you’re growing tired of your home’s exterior, or maybe you’re looking to spruce up the front in order to expedite your selling process. Either way, enhancing your curb appeal can give your home that refreshed look it’s overdue for. Exterior home improvement stretches far beyond a manicured lawn— the windows, the fencing, and the paint job are just beginning points where you can start reinventing your home! These 8 easy home upgrades will turn your lackluster home into the best on the street!

8.Decorate the door

Decorate the door.
Looking for some eye-catching charm? Your home’s front door will be the first thing anyone observes about your house. Tidying up any debris tracked in from the outdoors and scrubbing off any dirt stains can instantly transform your door from drab to fab. For small project seekers, check your local craft suppliers for simple seasonal decorations to surround the doorsteps. For big project lovers, find a bright can of paint and deck your door out. A front door speaks volumes, what does yours say?

7.Install a solar panel

Green energy is the way of the future, so not only will a solar panel make your home the trendiest in your neighborhood, but the best for the environment too. Get a head start on saving money and energy by having an expert panel consultation and installation. Solar panels work to optimize energy without any harmful fossil fuel involvement, making your carbon footprint infinitely smaller and your house ahead of its time!

6.Fix up those windows

Fix up those windows
Get into the habit of treating your glass windows like precious jewels on an expensive bracelet. The moment you notice that they’re losing their original shine and clarity, enlist professional help to restore their brilliance. If you have any broken windows that need fixing, make sure to shop around for repair rates. Window repair in San Jose may be significantly cheaper than window repair services in Palo Alto!

5.Makeover your mailbox

Whether your mailbox stands at the foot of your driveway or is posted up right next to your doorbell, it’s probably overdue for a makeover. Mailboxes should complement the fengshui of the rest of your home’s exterior, so if you’re giving your home and lawn a refresh facelift, don’t forget the mailbox! Simple paint jobs can restore your mailbox’s former glory, and new paint jobs deliver a modernized feel. New mailboxes start around $20 and mailboxes made with green materials will run you the lowest costs.

4.Grow a garden

Grow a garden
There is nothing more welcoming and refreshing than a home with a garden out front. Adding a splash of color to your garden will make your home pop. If you’re short on space to grow from the ground, consider building a garden bed. Garden beds give you complete control over what plants, colors, shapes, and textures you want to see sprouting before your eyes. Raised or in-ground garden beds are easy projects for DIY lovers and quickly constructed by gardening contractors.

3.Light it up

Light it up
One of the easiest ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal is to simply make it more visible! Installing an outdoor light on the patio or along the entryway illuminates your home in the best way. Go green by using solar light fixtures that convert sunlight into electricity to power the battery. Outdoor lighting also doubles as a safety feature, so you can revel in your beautified home while feeling safer when the sun goes down. Perfectly placed lights will always do the trick!

2.Build window boxes

Build window boxes
What better way to embellish your home’s street charm than to install sprawling window boxes? Simple a solution as they may be, window boxes easily level up your home’s curb appeal. Before heading to your favorite craft store, consider the many box types on the market. After you’ve got your box, consider the seasonal and native growth in your area to fill your planter boxes. From delicate flowers to spiky succulents, you have complete control over your home’s pop effect.

1.Install a quirky door knocker

Install a quirky door knocker
Looking to add a bit of personal flair to your house’s face? Installing a fun door knocker onto your front door gives it a creative spin. Express yourself and lifestyle with your door knocker. Functioning as a piece of dazzling jewelry, door knockers leave a lasting impression on guests and potential buyers!