For most parents, summer poses the inevitable question: Now that school is out and kids are home, what activities do you have in mind? How can you entertain them without breaking your budget? Is the game room equipped?

Summer can be expensive for most parents. The average cost of summer fun per child is about $600, and affluent families will probably spend nearly double that: about: $1100. This is expensive for most parents. In fact, one study unraveled the following about American parents planning summer activities:

  • About 30% are willing to lie on their children’s age to save money on expenses, such as movie tickets, restaurant meals, amusement parks and more.
  • Over 80% take debt for summer travel.
  • Acknowledge that summer activities are expensive.

If you fear to overspend or you want to save money and have fun with your kids this summer, here are a few activities to consider.

City Parks

31135682 – kids swing on playground
Most cities and towns have at least one park. Technically, you pay for the parks with taxes, so they’re usually free to use. If you look around, you are more likely to find a splashboard, basketball court, playground, or tennis court where you can go in the afternoon. Also, you can take kids’ scooters along with you. Not only do they enjoy it,It also helps stimulate their muscles. Riding a scooter helps boost stamina, confidence, and social interaction skills. If you don’t have one, can be a great place to buy one from. It offers a broad range of scooters for all age groups. Just remember to bring some snacks to eat, so that when the ice cream truck passes by, you won’t be tempted to spend a lot of money.

Fishing Trip

Although going fishing may not be a favorite to some people most kids can love it. If you live near a river or mountain lakes take advantage of the natural resource. With nice weather, go play with the water while fishing.

Just keep in mind that fishing can also be an exciting sporting activity. So get the right gear. Even if it means buying a new pair, you can use it for many years. This post researched by Focus Fishing can get you started.  And if you’re lucky, you will bring home dinner, saving a few bucks.


Summer is usually the construction season. Many charity organizations are in construction full swing. Therefore, you can volunteer to help them out. You will feel great about giving to the community and get something to add to your resume. Most of these organizations need various skills, so you won’t miss something if construction is not your thing.

Community Events

A lot of community events are usually scheduled for summer. So you can take your family to an event to celebrate culture and diversity. You won’t miss such activities in your community. However, don’t be tempted to buy too many items like beer concessions because they’re usually overpriced.

Go Camping

Camping can be another great summer activity to enjoy with your kids. You can always customize it to suit your taste and preference. You can choose to hike, sit around a campfire or swim.

In addition, you will not require expensive equipment to camp. If you invest in a large family tent, you can use it for many years, making it more cost-effective than renting every season.

Family Walks
A long family is also another fun activity to try this summer. There are several nights that are perfect to walk for some time with your family. This is a great way to bond, exercise and has nice conversations.

On some days, you can take short walks like going to the ice cream shop. Walking creates a perfect atmosphere to talk about new developments in your lives.

Community Pool

Some neighborhoods have community pools that are subsidized by the local government. As such, they’re pocket-friendly. When searching for a community pool, consider getting a pass for the entire period as it will be more affordable, especially if you intend to use the facility regularly.

But if it’s just for a few days, then it is wise to pay on a daily basis. Summer can be extremely warm and going to the pool feels nice.

Take A Road Trip To The Nearby Town

Sometimes, a road to the nearest town can make a huge difference for your family. So research more about the activities offered in that town, free tractions and deals. Cities like Chicago usually have more than 400 festivals every summer.

If your kids are old enough, involve them when planning. They can even create the plan or do the research for you. That way, they will look forward to experiencing what they found and selected.

Outdoor Movie Night

Outdoor Movie Night
If you have a projector, put up a sheet and invite your neighbors and friends for a movie night. Most kids enjoy watching a movie under the starts. Tell your kids to invite their friends too. Just make sure your yard is well prepared.

Summer is a season to enjoy and relax. But you don’t have to overspend. With these tips, you can enjoy your holiday with your family.