We have all been guilty of forgetting our keys, therefore, it is important to know a trustworthy locksmith before an emergency arises. 

Many of us have been locked out of our offices, houses, or cars at the most inconvenient time, locksmith is the first person we look for in situations like these. 

Finding and filtering out the right locksmith service is important as an incompetent professional will leave you in a bind.

9 Tips to Finding a Good Locksmith

Several situations require you to hire a locksmith, some of these scenarios include fixing broken locks, making keys, and installing security systems.

Here are 9 expert tips for finding a reliable, trustworthy locksmith


Ask for a good, local locksmith from friends, family, business associates, neighbors, and acquaintances. It is a safe bet that they may recommend a good locksmith based on an actual positive experience. 

Research Your Options

Be proactive about finding the right locksmith instead of waiting for an emergency. The worst time to look for a locksmith is during an emergency when you do not have sufficient time to search for additional information. Hire a locksmith glendale near you.

24 hours Services

Find a reliable locksmith that provides 24 hours services. Keep the contact information of locksmith companies to get their services at any time of the day or night. 

Search For Family-Owned Locksmith Services 

Family-owned locksmith companies working for decades offer reliable services and prioritize your security. These reputable companies provide excellent customer services and distinct benefits. 

Check Credentials

When you have found a locksmith, ask for identification. Any reputable locksmith is aware of the identification formalities and comes prepared with all the documents and licenses. 

Most licensed locksmiths have official badges and Master Security License numbers. Verify the qualifications, certification, and license before hiring the locksmith.

BBB Rating

Better Business Bureau or BBB is a great way to know the rating of different locksmiths working near you. A+ is the highest rating on the platform whereas F is the lowest.

Their BBB ratings will give you an insight into their expertise and the quality of work. 

Online Reviews

Using the internet is an easy way to find numerous locksmiths in your area, once you have filtered the experienced locksmith, read online reviews to see what the past clients have to say about them.

It is easy to find in-depth reviews by clients stating their experience with the particular locksmith.

Find Locksmiths Offering Multiple Services

Find a locksmith that offers multiple services like auto and residential, it saves you the time to look for locksmiths with different skills. 

Go with Your Instinct

Sometimes you just got to trust your gut when finding a locksmith especially when you do not have the time to verify the credentials.

If the locksmith looks shady or suspicious, do not hire him and put your security at risk.


Hopefully, these tips will help you find the locksmith worth hiring, reliable, competent, and responsible to handle the job well. Finding the right locksmith may take time, do not give up, opt for a trained and experienced individual with the latest tools.