Stretch fabric ceilings are smart, cost-effective, and long-term solutions for almost all old, peeling, and stucco ceilings out there. If you are looking for ways to hide your popcorn ceiling, opting for a fabric ceiling might be the answer. These are minimum maintenance solutions for all homes that want to look chic and elegant. The only problem you might face is choosing only one design since advanced design and production technology has enabled the creation of thousands of different styles and themes of fabric stretch ceilings in the market today.

Pick the right color and design

Pick the right color and design
The first step you need to take is choosing the design. As we have mentioned, it is going to be challenging. You should pay attention to the rest of the room’s décor, the room’s purpose, lighting fixtures, height, and natural light before choosing a color, pattern, and design. The right stretch fabric ceiling manufacturer can offer you anything from flat white ceilings to a recreation of Monet; depending on your taste. You can choose to decorate your child’s ceiling with rainbows and unicorns, or you can dress your bathroom ceiling with small butterflies. However, remember that choosing the same design for multiple rooms can cut the cost of production.

Choose the correct material for your room

Once you have made your choice of design, next, you should pick the material of the ceiling. You have several options, including fabric and PVC. While the fabric is low cost and durable, PVC is water-resistant. Most homes pick fabric ceilings for the living rooms and bedrooms, but PVC ceilings for their garage, bathroom, and basement. If you have a moisture problem in the house and the corners of your ceiling tend to gather mold, you might want to talk to the stretch fabric ceiling production company for the best fit for your home.

Choose a reputable supplier

Picking the right supplier for your ceiling will make all the difference during the installation and payment processes. The best designer and suppliers not only offer competitive prices, but they provide complete installation. You can also expect comprehensive maintenance guidance from them after they have finished installing your brand-new ceiling.

Prepare the room for ceiling installation

Prepare the room for ceiling installation
Preparing the room is a headache when you are renovating your ceiling the old fashioned way. These modern stretch ceilings don’t require you to clear out the entire room and remove the furniture. You might need some space for the ladder and the people coming over for installation. Otherwise, this step is a no-hassle for stretch ceiling buyers.

Placing the aluminum tracks

The installation professionals will attach the new stretch ceiling via aluminum tracks. If you are thinking about DIY-ing your Stretch Fabric Ceiling Installation, you might want to rethink your decision. Installing the aluminum tracks is a labor-intensive process, unless you are handy with tools. They require correct, parallel placement across the entire ceiling. Remember that they will act as the base to the stretch of the fabric.

Choose your favorite lighting fixtures and ceiling ornaments

You should think about light fixtures while you pick the design and material. That will help you pick cohesive designs and material. Moreover, you can guide the professional installation experts about the precise placement of the light sources in the room. Stretch fabrics open up several possibilities of lighting fixtures, including recessed LEDs, pot lights, and pendant lights. The purpose of the room and space should tell you which light fixtures will fit the space. The installers should be able to conceal the wires entirely under the ceiling and hide the bases of the lights entirely as well. Intimating the installation experts about your lighting plans will help them adjust the height of the aluminum platform to accommodate the wiring and fixtures for maximum support.

Heating of the stretch fabric

Heating of the stretch fabric
This step is critical for the placement and health of your stretch ceiling. The professionals will heat the room for stretching the fabric maximally. They typically use localized heat sources to stretch the ceiling to fix them on the aluminum tracks. Some companies achieve that by using portable gas heaters, others use electricity operated sources of dry heat.

Placing the stretched fabric on the tracks

The experts attach the stretch fabric ceiling to the tracks once it reaches its maximum elasticity. Without expert guidance, you might not know how much heat is necessary for stretching the fabric correctly over the tracks. The corners typically go first, and then the rest of the ceiling attaches to the tracks securely.

Placement of lighting fixtures

Experts then glue the strengthening rings to the canvas. If you want to attach lights and other accessories, the professional installers will then cut holes for them, and pull them through these holes. Finally, they connect the springs to the bases of the lighting fixtures above the canvas and below the original ceiling. That not only provides enough support, but it also enables the lights to shine freely without any wires poking out.

The final touch of perfection

The final touch of perfection
The last step is quite easy, but time-consuming. Once they finish installing the stretch ceiling fabric, the professionals will take a damp cloth or cleaner and remove any handprint or specs of dirt that remain on the surface of the ceiling. In short, the installation experts have the experience and training to complete the work with perfection.

Installation of a stretch fabric ceiling is indeed that simple. It is possible to describe the method in 10 simple steps, but even then you might find it tricky if you don’t have the necessary tools and skills. It takes time for the professionals to perfect their skillset necessary for installing fabric ceilings. Managing the ceiling fabric once it begins to stretch under the heat is challenging for any layperson.

While you might want to DIY your ceiling installation, especially when it is a stretch fabric ceiling, you should speak to the manufacturer cum seller first to find out if it is doable. Many sellers have precise specifications that one needs to follow during the installation steps. It is imperative to talk to an expert before beginning with your new project.